Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Feeling Grateful Today

Buttons & Grandma, at the park.
Today I woke up ready to tell the Lord the usual list of aches and pains I would like to be gone. But then I thought NO, NO, NO. Today I was going to be grateful. Grateful for this DAY. So I put on my workout clothes and went to "my" beautiful park on the Ohio River and thought about all that I was grateful for on this day. I am grateful having that park to go to everyday and being able to walk my three miles. I am grateful for my walking buddies, my sister June and my niece Allison. They always make the time go fast with tales of their travels and their new dog Coco. I am so grateful when our 82 year old Dad joins us. I look forward to the weekend mornings at the park when my sweetie and I take our coffee and sit on the benches and watch the river. I am grateful today because I get to spend part of it with Buttons. We are going to hang out at the Mall while Mommy is getting her hair done there. I am grateful for the Cinnamon Dolce latte I am going to get at Starbucks while I'm there. To many people these may seem like superficial things to be grateful for. But for today, the Lord has blessed me with these things and I am grateful.
Safe Travels,


June said...

We enjoy walking with you too!! Will miss next week since we will be drinking margaritas at Marley's!! ha, ha


justabeachkat said...

Love the photo and your grateful list. You're right...we get to decide every day. We can complain or we can dwell on what we have to be grateful for. Good post!