Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Travel Tuesday - Barcelona

Market In Barcelona

This I will explain in full in my text below

Las Ramblas

We sailed from Sicily and cruised past Stromboli and stopped in Barcelona. We had decided not to do any of the ships shore excursions and just walk around Las Ramblas. Las Ramblas is the main street in Barcelona, there are many shops and markets all along the way. Sometimes the best way to see another culture is to go where the locals go and we sure did that. We found this market, where the locals go for food and when I say it was fresh food, it really was fresh food. In fact some of the food was trying to walk away. We were both fascinated by this place. First of all it was huge, with every kind of food you could imagine. Fish, meat, candies, fresh fruit and veggies. Some of which we never seen before. I would guess we spent almost two hours in there. I have lots more pictures of the place but this gives you a good idea of it. Okay now on to explain the second picture. I know it looks gross to some of you and to me also. But I couldn't figure out what it was, so I asked the girl behind the counter and of course she didn't speak English and I didn't speak Spanish but she finally understood what I was asking her and she pointed above her head to a picture of these cute little bunnies running around in a field. So there you have it, they are bunnies that people buy and cook. We didn't get to see some of the most famous sites in Barcelona but we sure did get the local flavor and it was fun. If you do ever get to go to this wonderful cosmopolitan city, just take a stroll up the Las Ramblas, you won't regret it. Next week we are headed to the place where the movie stars go. Next stop is Cannes, France

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Kari said...

They eat bunnies????? Eeeewwww. Well, I guess that's not unheard of, is it? I'm sure that it happens in places here in the states, too. Just not places I go to visit (I hope not anyway). And I bet they all say the same thing..."tastes like chicken". lol

Sarah said...

They eat the grossest things in Europe!