Sunday, August 19, 2007

Terrible Twos

Kari invited me to play this along with her and Kat and I'm always up for a fun game. Please consider yourself invited to join in the fun. And if you do, let me know.

1. Two Names You Go By: Joan or Joni (anyone who knows me through my husband calls me Joni because that is what he calls me).

2. Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: Flip Flops and Shorts (wait a minute, that doesn't sound right. I do have on other clothes).

3. Two Things You Want In A Relationship: Love and honesty.

4. Two of Your Favorite Things to Do: Okay the computer is becoming one of them lately and taking my walks

5. Two Things You Want Very Badly At the Moment: A Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks (they are not available yet) but soon and some chocolate.

6. Two Pets You Had/Have: Claire, the best Golden Retriever in the world ( I was heartbroken when she passed away) and Cleo, our ten year old cat.

7. Two People Who Will Fill This Out First: I have no clue, but I hope you give it a try.

8. Two Things You Did Last Night: Hung out on the couch for awhile while I recovered from the big party and read a magazine.

9. Two People Who Live in Your House: My sweetie & Cleo(she also thinks she's a human). And we have various kids coming back and forth.

10. Two People You Talked to Last: My sweetie and Cleo (yeah I know she's a cat but she's a good listener)

11. Two Things You're Doing Tomorrow: Walking with my Sister and I'm hoping to get the gray out of my hair(what, you thought I was a natural blonde?)

12. Two Longest Car Rides: Taking Five kids(three of ours and two extra) from Cincinnati to Naples, Fla.---a 15 hour drive. Also from Ohio to Hilton Head.

13. Name Two of Your Favorite Holidays: Christmas & St. Patricks Day (because Spring is coming soon after March 17th) You didn't see that one coming, did you?

14. Name Two Favorite Beverages: Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and a tie between Coke Zero and Crystal Lite Lemonade.


Christine of Epiphany said...

Joan, I agree~ cats can be very good listeners!
I found your blog via Sophie's comments zone. ~ Glad ta meetcha~ a fellow CincyGirl!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Oh I enjoyed reading that Joan, I love finding out facts about my fellow bloggers!! Those spiders you mentioned sound scary!!!

justabeachkat said...

So glad you did it too. Yum...the latte' sounds perfect. I'll try it in the Fall when they start serving it again.


Kari said...

My youngest son LOVES St. Patrick's Day. He recently figured out that he's of Irish descent on both sides on the family he's convinced he's a leprechaun (maybe that explains why he's so short! lol).