Friday, January 13, 2012

Hey there! Remember Me? :-)

Hi everyone or the one or two people who might even look at my blog anymore. :-)  It's been awhile for sure but I've had a lot going on in my life and here is the photo version of the past few months.  Blogger put my photos in the wrong order so I'll give you the run down of it all.  The very best news is a new baby was born in our family. Her name is Savannah Joan!  :-) She is just as cute and sweet as can be. Here's some photos of the past six weeks from her birth through Christmas. Her big sisters Maddie and Sydney think she's very special too.  And what a special Christmas it was. New babies just make life so much better, you know?  The past few Christmas's were hard, so it was such a blessing to have a nice Christmas.
Two weeks before Christmas my little kitty Cleo died. She was 17 years old and really sick, she was such a good girl and I knew from the start I wanted another kitty in the house.  She's the kitty three photos down and this past weekend I got a new kitty. A boy this time, his name is Enrico..I call him "Rico" for short. He's a funny guy.
I celebrated New Years quietly with my babies and was sound asleep before midnight, that is until the fireworks woke me up!  :-)
So I'm looking forward to 2012 with lots of hope and gratitude in my heart!!   I have a few projects I want to do around the house, like painting etc....and I really want to do some traveling again. Go somewhere I've never been before. We'll see......
I hope 2012 will be a good one for you all. I'm not even going to promise I'll be blogging regular again!! Ha!  We'll see how it goes!!  It looks like"we'll see"is going to be my motto for 2012!! :-)