Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm Thankful November 2007

Nov. 30th - And last but not least I'm thankful for the Lord who for now has blessed me with all these things and more.
Nov. 29th - For God's word
Nov. 28th - For busy times
Nov. 27th - For quiet times
Nov. 26th - For my job, which has allowed me to travel
Nov. 25th - For my nice warm and cozy bed
Nov. 24th - For date nights with my husband
Nov. 23rd - For having more than enough food on my table
Nov. 22nd - For this Thanksgiving Day
Nov. 21st- For my home
Nov. 20th - For my sweet pet Cleo
Nov. 19th - For my three sisters
Nov. 18th - For my Dad
Nov. 17th - For Saturday evening church services
Nov. 16th - For my morning walks in the park
Nov. 15th - For my morning coffee
Nov. 14th - For books
Nov. 13th - For all of my blogging friends
Nov. 12th - For my good results from my recent mammmogram test
Nov. 11th - For the men and women who are veterans
Nov. 10th - Dinner with the whole family tonight
Nov. 9th - That I spent a wonderful day with my granddaughter
Nov. 8th - That my daughter is feeling better
Nov. 7th - To have heat that clicked on this morning
Nov. 6th - To be having dinner tonight with old friends
Nov. 5th - For 31 years of marriage
Nov. 4th - For my granddaughter and the two new grandbabies coming this spring
Nov. 3rd - For my children
Nov. 2nd - For my husband
Nov. 1st - To be alive

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