Sunday, October 28, 2007

100 Things About Me

I'm blaming anything that's written below on the monkey. He took over my laptop and he also tried to take my favorite perfume and I-Pod. I also had these things perfectly spaced apart and blogger messed them all up, he really did. :-)

I probably should be embarrass that I've reached this 100 mark so soon after starting blogging but it's been a fun and addicting new hobby. None of these are in any order except for Number 1. So here goes:

1)I love the Lord first and foremost.

2)I went to a Catholic school for 12 years, high school was an all girl school. My sweetie went to the all boy school next door.

3) I still have nightmares about Sister Agatha and her T-stick ruler in grade school. LOL

4)I don't think she liked kids

5)We called her Sister Hagatha(I know we were so mean), we were only kids.

6)I had to work hard to get good grades.

7)On the subject of nuns, I took Latin in high school.

8)Don't know why, everyone else was taking exotic things like French and Spanish

9)My teacher was a 90 year old nun, I don't think she could see or hear. (okay, I might be exaggerating a little) :-)

10) I got an A in that class, I'm not sure she even knew who was in her class.

11) I had a good time in Latin class,

12)I left the Catholic Church and now attend an non-denominational church., but understand it has nothing to do with being Catholic, I was just led in another direction.

13)My church now is one of the biggest churches in Cincy.

14)They messed with Christmas tradition last Christmas

15)You do not mess with Christmas tradition in my humble opinion or Thanksgiving or Easter for that matter.

16)I am all about tradition.

17)My church had a Christmas program called the Lightbulb Man, it was very modern and I know what they were doing but don't mess with Christmas people!

18)I wear contacts , something called mono vision contacts

19)Mainly because I can't read without them, can't read one dang gone thing without my contacts or glasses.

20)Started having trouble seeing in my later 40's

21)Until I started computer work, I had the best eyes.

22) I was a stay at home Mom for about 17 years.

23)Loved it and have never regretted staying home with my kids.

24)That time of my life went by too fast.

25)Spent too much time wishing it would go by faster.

26)Now sometimes I wish I could go back.

27)Love this time of my life (except for the perimenopause thing)

28)Lost one of my best friends and she was also my sister in law way too young.

29)I miss her

30)She was always straight with me, even telling me when she thought I was out of line, but she always did it in a loving way.

31)We should all have a friend like that.

32)She died of a brain tumor.

33)She left two children behind, whom I love dearly.

34)I lost my brother and mom, way too early also

35)They both died instantly of heart attacks

36)I get a little freaked out if I have acid reflux sometimes because it mimics heart attacks

37)I love my husband

38)He tells me daily that he loves me

39)I think I am the luckiest girl ever to have such a wonderful man

40)He's also a great father

41)I also love my Dad

42)I know my Dad loves me.

43)So important for young girls to know thier Daddies love them.

44)I'm putting myself to sleep with this list

45)I grew up on the Ohio River

46)I used to swim, fish and water ski on the river

47)I was a pretty good fisherman(woman) we used wheaties(the cereal) as bait

48)Wouldn't even put my big toe in the Ohio River anymore.

49)Had a Golden Retriever named Claire, best dog ever in the WHOLE world-don't even try to argue with me on that one

50)Haven't had another dog since because I'm afraid no dog would be as good and loving as she was

51)We also had a bunny named Buttercup and another cat named Tiger. The kids begged me for the bunny, told me they would take care of him. Guess who ended up taking care of that bunny?

52)Who knew bunnies live for years and years and years........long after the kids leave....

53)Now we just have our kitty Cleo, she think she's the queen of the house.

54)I love to read, books or magazines. Books were my good friends when I was a young girl.(still are)

55)I also love to read the newspaper every morning drinking my coffee, especially Sunday's paper.

56)I love coffee with coffeemate fat free vanilla creamer and splenda's vanilla flavor sweetener-yummy!

57)I also like to drink Coke Zero and Crystal Lite's Lemonade

58)I lost about 35 pounds on Weight Watcher's last year.

59)It's a constant battle for me to maintain, not because of the program but because I like food.

60)I love sweets, I still miss Little Debbie's Swiss Roll cakes. Can't even have them in my house or I'll eat them all :-(

61)Here's a big surprise, I love to travel.

62) Doesn't even matter where I go to, I love to travel everywhere

63)I don't think I've ever been anywhere that I didn't like.

64)Australia is on the top of my list of places I want to see before I die or get too old.

65)I can't even think of my favorite place I've been too. Maybe Hawaii or it could be anywhere in Europe.

66)I went back to school when I was 40 years old.

67) I was scared to death after being home for so long

68)I was not even sure I was going the morning of my first class, my sweetie convinced me to go and I loved going to Travel school.

69)Now you can't stop me from going away to see new places

70)I'm not afraid of planes, I just get anxious about getting through security and checking in, so I get to the airport really early. Once I'm back at the gate, I totally relax. I don't get that.

71)I totally love my granddaughter Maddie. Never knew grandkids could be so much fun.

72)Can't wait to see my two new grandbabies next year.

73)I was a bank teller for about five minutes, I was not very good at it.

74)I am a girly girl now. I love makeup and clothes and purses.

75)My favorite color is various shades of pink(big surprise!). I do like red alot also.

76)I have three sisters and I had a brother who died last year.

77)I love movies, mostly romantic comedies but I do love a good drama or action also.

78)Friday nights are usually date nights for my sweetie and me.

79)We almost always go to the Coffee house and get a latte. They have happy hour there between 4pm and 6pm. It's funny going to coffee happy hours now.

80)I love the beach. I love walking on it, especially the beach in Hilton Head.

81)I hope we can retire for a few months out of the year by the beach.

82)I love sea bass, it's my favorite seafood.

83)We lived in the house my father in law grew up in and my sweetie grew up in. We were the third generation of the family to live in that house.

84)We brought all of our babies home to that house.

85)It was huge, with a billiard room upstairs and rooms that once were for a maid and butler and a big basement that my kids could ride their big wheels around in.

86)It was also very old and too much work for me and needed too much money to be put into it

87)It had a real crystal chandelier. I wanted to take it with us. The realtor convinced us it was a selling point. Wish I never would have listened to her.

89)We have lived in this home for over 20 years.

90)I love the neighborhood.

91)My eyes are glazing over. Are you guys still reading this stuff

92)I'm not very athletic.

93)Though I used to be pretty good at archery when I went to summer camp.

94)I tried playing golf. I don't play now, but I sure did love to go to the practice range and hit the golf balls.

95)I love my three kids and am proud of each one of them.

96)I love this new hobby of blogging and all the nice people I have "met"

97)It is addicting

98)I like to collect cookbooks but am not much of a cook

99)Only one more to go.

100)Thank goodness this is it. My Dad's probably the only one interested in reading this whole thing! :-)

I am also going to do a small giveaway soon but can't do it just yet. A little hint -- check out my number 98.


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I read all 100~ good for you! That is not easy to do, but now I feel like we are neighbors or something.
I do know that we have a lot in common!

judy said...

I remember the wheatie balls for fishing and I remember losing dad's new fishing rod because I left it in the river and walked away thinking I wouldn't catch anything. I wonder what happened to that rod and the fish who took it away!


Christine of Epiphany said...

I lived in a big old house that cost too much to maintain, too! I had to leave behind the free-standing stained glass window, because it was a selling point!

Nunnie's Attic said...

I enjoyed reading all 100 of them! I share your love of cookbooks and the beach. There are so many places I would love to visit. When you say that you went to travel school, what does that mean?


June said...

I remember the nuns too! That is funny!! Although, by the time I got to grade school it wasn't that bad! Remember being on the river with one of those styrofoam rafts and we were getting ready to get into the water when the styrofoam started to melt away - mom yelled for us not to get in, probably something from Monsanto! - yuk!! Can't believe we swam in that.

joan said...


In my selective memory I should say that although Sr. Agatha was scary with her T-stick,she was a math teacher and I did learn alot in her class and that's saying alot considering math was not my strong point. And Julie, I e-mailed you back about the travel school thing but travel schools are probably non exsistant anymore. But at one point there was a school here in Cincy that trained you to work in travel.

Karolee said...

Great list! I read all 100!

I wanted to take the hot tub from one of our homes but our realtor convinced us it was a selling point also. Sigh... we haven't had one since even though we keep talking about getting one. Something always comes up.

Sandy said...

I read all 100! Love to learn more about people through these lists and I feel like I know you much better now. So would have taken that chandelier! I want one above my big tub in the bathroom - hubby thinks I've lost it!
have a great week.

justabeachkat said...

I made it through all 100....yeah! Seriously, I enjoyed reading it. We have alot in common too.




Good on you Joan, I read all 100. I don't think I could have thought of 100. I like no. 64, you must come. We have a wonderful country, but don't wait too long, you need your walkin' legs. And we have fabulous beaches.
Coll :-}