Monday, October 15, 2007

A couple of Great Pictures!

I just had to share this picture of Maddie(my granddaughter) enjoying her macaroni and cheese the other day. She is becoming very independent and insists on eating her food on her own. As you can see it gets everywhere but she does have a good time.

And I know it's not Travel Tuesday today but one of my travel agent friends who went on the cruise to Alaska with me sent me this great picture that she took. I told her I wouldn't try to pass it off as my own. LOL. I wish I had gotten this shot, it is great! I'm told this kind of picture is really hard to get. By the time you get your camera ready and take the picture the whale is gone. I seen whales on my trip but never seen one like this. Anyway, I just wanted to take the time and share it because I thought it was amazing. Hope everyone is having a great Monday! See you tomorrow for Travel Tuesday. We are going to Ketchikan, Alaska.


Mc Vickers said...

nice blog and nice pictures.
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Karolee said...

It's funny how those little ones can fall asleep eating! How tired can a person get?

Love the whale shot! Someday I hope to see one.

June said...

I loved watching Maddie eat her mac and cheese the other day! She was cute picking it up and shoveling it in!!

That whale shot is excellent!

justabeachkat said...

Very cute photo of Maddie!

I tried and tried getting a good shot of the whales when we were in Hawaii, but you're right...just when you click, they go under the water. I got several good shots of the tip of their tails though. LOL


Nunnie's Attic said...

Awesome pictures. Both extremely sweet in different ways.