Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blog Friend Forever Award & I won a Giveaway

Karolee has given me this award and I thank her for being a great blog friend and I agree with her idea that everyone on my blogroll that says Friends & Strangers deserve this award. It is so hard sometimes to narrow down an award to just a few so you are all Blog Friends Forever.

Okay people, I WON. No, I don't think you understand I never win, ANYTHING and I was so happy when Mary e-mailed me and told me I was one of the winners for her banner/logo giveaway. You can check out all of Mary's creations at Isabellas Closet . Actually Mary is so sweet she's going to make a banner/logo for everyone who left her a comment on her giveaway post. Thanks Mary, you really are a sweetheart and I love your banners and logos.

And here's a funny story. It's been raining a whole lot here in Cincy and because of that our house phone lines are messed up. I can hear someone else on our line talking. When a phone call comes in to them our line rings and I pick it up (but no caller id comes across and it has static) and I can hear someone else's whole conversation and they can hear me. Well, this afternoon it started again so I picked it up and started to say hello, who's there? Who are you? And it's a young girl, I'm guessing around 12yrs. old or so and she was home by herself. I know this because she heard me talking and totally freaked out thinking someone was in her house with her. She hung up and then my phone rings again and I can hear the young girl talking to her mom telling her about me and her Mom is telling her to call the police. So I'm trying to tell her I'm not in her house and our phone lines are connected somehow and the young girl then says to her mom and listen to this "Mom, can't you hear the old lady on the phone with us?" OLD LADY!!! Hello, I'm trying to help you little girl but if you call me an old lady again, all bets are off. I called the phone company and they are going to fix it. But I've been walking around all night going "Old lady, I can't believe she called me an old lady"


June said...

That is too funny - you old lady!!! Cracks me up! Sorry to remind you but I am the baby!!!!

justabeachkat said...

Old Lady! No way Jose'


Nunnie's Attic said...

Joan, that's hilarious! Sorry to get such a kick at your expense but that's funny!

And for the record - I don't believe for even a millisecond that you're old!


judy said...

From one "old lady" to another; I've had trouble today with zoomtown and the tech guy told me it was all the rain we had. I thought he was putting me on until I read what you wrote.


Karolee said...

Oh funny! Our phone lines did that once - we lived next door to my sister-in-law and whenever the phone rang we would know who was calling for each other - glad that got taken care of quickly!

sarah cool said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - people are looking at me here in Barnes & Noble, I am laughing so hard at how funny you are!!!! You wrote that in a way that just tickled my funny bone!!! "All bets are off." Hehe!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I am laughing with you- we are all in the same boat.
Just as long as we are still rowing =D