Sunday, November 27, 2011

Catch up post!!

 So it's been a few weeks since my last post and I need to catch up a little!!  It's been busy around here and in less than 48 hours from now it's going to get really busy!! Because grand baby #4 will be here!! JUST.CAN'T.WAIT!!!!! So there will be lots of baby pics this week....:-)
But until that time, here's a rundown of what's been going on in my life!  I was baptized last week! It was an awesome experience! It was just something I never did and felt it was time to do.  I can't even explain to you in words how God has taken me from where I was so broken and brokenhearted to this place where I am now(a good place).  I just know it to be true and I am so grateful!
 And I've been spinning at least a few times a week!! I LOVE spinning!! It's a really good workout and I've been going with my youngest daughter so that makes it even more fun!!
 And can I just say, this Fall was just gorgeous!! The weather was so beautiful and some of the trees around my office were just beautiful!!
 I took an art class with some of my friends. Okay, so I'll never be an artist but I had fun and that's all that counts in my book. For two hours I sat there concentrating on this little pink flower thing....LOL  It's good therapy too!!
 My outdoor tree is up. I need to put a few more ornaments on it but I just love the outdoor tree.  It's right outside my sliding glass doors off the kitchen so I can sit in the morning with my first cup of coffee and look at it!!  And the little girls decided Cleo needed to be decorated for Christmas. Let's just say Cleo was less than happy with the idea!   LOL  It's baby week!!!  YEA!!   I'll be back later in the week with photos and updates on the new baby girl!!  Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I really can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Wasn't it just January? We are anxiously awaiting the new baby girl who is scheduled to make her debut in just about three weeks!! Still not sure what her name is but the girls want to name her Savannah or as Syndey says "Cabana". :-)

Life is busy and I'm sure it'll get a whole lot busier with the holidays and new baby coming. I went back to Weight Watchers this week and was shocked at how much weight I have gained so it's back to eating right and exercising again. I've been spinning since this Summer and I do love it, just wish I could find a place that offers a lot more classes & times. And I've been taking Yoga classes all through the Summer and now into Fall but my Yoga instructor is out of town for awhile and I miss it more than anything. Never thought I would enjoy something as much as I enjoyYoga!! :-) Why can't we just eat whatever we want and not gain weight or hurt our health?? LOL It seems to me I could do that back in my 20's.....

Anyway, these are just a few photos of Halloween with my sweet girls!!! Had a blast with them. And I gave them all the left over candy....I'm sure Mom and Dad love me for that!! Happy Saturday!!