Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Maddie!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet granddaughter Maddie who turns 4 !! We already had the party and she got a big girl bike!! She was so excited and has been zooming around my street on it(and my living room too)!!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!! We'll skype!!! Gommy loves you!
I also wanted to tell you all that I'm doing well. I just have had trouble thinking of anything to write on my blog or twitter or facebook lately, which is so unlike me. I used to be able to write about anything and everything. I even thought about posting a blank picture & saying I got nothing!! Hahaha... And yes I've been busy with my new job and my old job but it's just that I don't know what to write anymore. Oh well, I guess it'll work itself out.....
I do have some exciting news!! Well, it's exciting to me at least...next week I am meeting with fellow bloggers, Sue and Kari!! Kari and I finally got to meet last Fall but I have never met Sue and she doesn't live that far from me!! I'm sure between the three of us there will be lots of pictures!
And just one more thing.....I bought myself an Ipad!!! Yea!! I never thought I would like to read books on an electronic type reader but I love to read on this thing and I also love playing on it and I can work on it too!! And the very best thing about it is that I bought it with cash!! My very own cash that I earned. Which may not be a big deal to anyone else but it's just another step of independence for me!
I have been lurking on all your blogs but not commenting as much as I used too. And for someone who can't think of much to write, I just wrote a bunch!! Haha....Hope you all are well, I should do miss my blogging buddies....take care and hopefully I will talk to you soon.