Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Thankful List - November 2008

This is my Thankful list for 2008. If you have come to visit because you seen I had a new post, I just condensed it and put it on my sidebar as a post. I want to keep this and look over it every so often so I realize just how blessed I am because for now my Lord has blessed me with all of these things and many more I didn't write down here and I need to remember this when things get tough.

Nov. 30th - For my Lord and savior Jesus Christ
Nov. 29th- See the planets up close
Nov. 28th - Having all the grandbabies come over for the day
Nov. 27th - Thaksgiving with my family
Nov. 26th - Lunches with my Dad
Nov.25th- Remembering my Mom on her birthday
Nov. 24th - Warm and cozy home
Nov. 23rd-Reading good books
Nov. 22nd - Being able to help my son
Nov. 21st - Parmesan Talipia for dinner
Nov. 20th - Hot Showers on a cold morning
Nov. 19th - Visiting Santa with the Grandkids
Nov. 18th - Good Nights sleep
Nov. 17th - My Dad
Nov. 16th - My Sisters
Nov. 15th - My beautiful grandchildren
Nov.14th - My wonderful husband
Nov. 13th - My Children
Nov. 12th - My cat Cleo who makes me laugh
Nov. 11th - My Car that takes me everywhere
Nov. 9th - Church
Nov. 8th -Good Food
Nov. 7th - Date nite with my hubby
Nov. 6th - For fun times with my grandbabies
Nov. 5th - For 32 years of marriage
Nov. 4th - To be able to vote
Nov. 3rd - My morning newspaper
Nov. 2nd - First cup of coffee
Nov. 1st - Beautiful Autumn

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