Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday!

I've been a busy little bee. Meet my new friends, Isabella, Lila and Olivia. Yea, I named my jewelry holders, yea I probably am a complete nerd. LOL But I've been busy working on my wire wrapping, which is the technique used to make earrings. I finally figured out after about an hour that the cheap headpins(the stick pin thingys that the beads go on) that I bought at Hobby Lobby were not very flexible to do the wrapping with and when I used the better headpins that I got from Fire Mountain Gems it worked so much better and my hands felt alot better too. One little tip, don't try to take photos of jewelry after drinking two cups of coffee. I couldn't figure out why they were all so blurry(caffeine overload), so I got my tri pod out and took a few and they were much better. LOL

I think I am a perfectionist because if it doesn't look good, I'll take it apart and start all over until I am happy with the end product. I am not happy with the sparkle snowmen yet but I do not have good silver headpins yet, so they'll have to wait and then I'll redo them. So these are what I am giving out for Christmas presents this year.

Thank you girls, you did a fine job of showing off my treasures.

I love, love this bracelet I made. These are not the colors I usually go for. I'm a pink and red and silver girl but there was something about these colors that I loved. I am having so much fun with this hobby but I think I have a problem. LOL Because the other day I was looking at Swarovski Christmas ornaments and the only thing I could think of was how pretty a couple of them would look on a black velvet cord with a black turtleneck. Not on a Christmas tree but as a piece of jewelry. I'm hopeless I know. :-)

Anyway, I am spending the day with one of my favorite little girls. My daughter Melissa is sick so I picked up Maddie and she is spending the night with Grams and Papa. Woohoo, I think we might take her downtown and see if they have any pretty Christmas lights up yet because ya'll know Maddie just loves Christmas. And then dinner at her favorite place, Subway.
And don't forget Brenda's Photo Challenge tomorrow. The theme is "water" and I think I forgot to sign up again. Hey, you gals know I always play. LOL I know which photos I want to use, it's just finding them in the thousands(yea I said thousands) of photos that I have in my files. Have a great weekend, I'm off to find those photos before Maddie wakes up from her nap!


Sally said...

Your jewelry is so beautiful! Such a gift you have, and makes me want to find something to do. Too late now for this year, but maybe the next. I used to make so many Christmas gifts; I think I burned out the family. :)

Enjoy your day with Maddie; I know you will!!

Brenda said...

Oh my, those are SO pretty! Love the models too.

You, Pop, and Maddie be sure to have a load of fun this evening, and don't get into too much trouble.

I'm just getting ready to post a reminder about the photo challenge too (time sure got away with me).

Have a great weekend!

sarah said...

Love it! Olivia and Lila were the two names we couldn't decide between for Libby. We settled on Olivia, but if we have another girl she will likely be Lila Grace.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I LOVE the snowmen!!
And the tiny xmas tree earrings...Very clever!!
I wish my kids had Granparents such as you are to your Grandbabies

Donna said...

Oh, I am so jealous that you can do wire wrapping, LOL! Those are beautiful! I'm going to have to try it again sometime. (I'm not good at it, WAH!) I just bought some little crystal Christmas trees, all in clear crystal. Love those little things!

Hope you have a good time with Maddie!

I got my post all ready for the photo challenge tomorrow. Whew, I know what you mean about going through thousands of photos! I look forward to seeing your post!

Karen M said...

What a great hobby! They are really pretty.

Enjoy your time with Maddie. She's such a cutie pie.

See you for the photo challenge. I'm all set for auto posting.

joan said...

I love the bracelet you have made.

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Joan, this is a new use of headpins to me--very nice stuff! Now since I'm out here in internet land researching this stuff, why don't I let you know we have head pins too, at wholesale prices. Check 'em out!

Best wishes from

at Rings & Things

Barbara said...

I got the email that had those snowmen in it -- you used the stardust beads instead and they are just Awesome. It seems so Night Before Christmas. (Although I'm tempted now to do it all in jet black for a Nightmare Before Christmas thing *g*).

Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...