Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's time for Brenda's Photo Challenge and Jeanne from Life or Something Like it is our hostess this time and the theme is "from an ant's view". These challenges seem to pop up fast these days and with the holiday this one came up on me before I knew it. So I asked my little Cameron to help out his Grandma. This one was fun and I had lots of ideas but just ran out of time. Thanks Jeanne!
There are captions on all of the photos. I am having fun adding captions. :-)
watch it ant or i will eat you Here's what my little bunny who sits out in my yard would look like to an ant.

who are you looking at ant Here's what my little Cameron would like to an ant.

i want to take every ornanment off of the tree
I wanted to show what my Christmas tree would like like to an ant and had to add Cameron in the photo. He was pulling on all the low hanging ornaments that Maddie had put up the night before.
cleos bowls are heart shape And I added Cleo's bowls because ants really did get into her bowls last Spring. They covered her bowl of food and then I called the Terminix guy and they were gone for good. LOL
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I'll probably post about ours next week sometime. We ate too much but had a wonderful one. We are going to try and see the Rockettes today so hopefully I'll get around to visit and see everyone's photos soon. Have a great Saturday!


Joan said...

Enjoyed being an ant through these delightful photos.

Maria said...

I also enjoyed being ant! Very nice pictures!

June said...

Oh, enjoy the Rockettes. We are going tomorrow! I love that show.


Donna said...

Great shots Miz Joan!! And Look at those shiny Floors!!! You can come do Mine Anytime!!Hahaa...Sweet Babies!! Love the rabbit!!hughugs

Brenda said...

Great shots! I was thinking, "OH poor ant" after viewing that second photo of Cameron. :-)

I love those floors!!

kari and kijsa said...

Great shots!! Hope you had the most blessed Thanksgiving!! Thank you so much for your sweet words!

kari & kijsa

photowannabe said...

Too cute. This is the only way I can appreciate ants.
Your little honey will be so much fun this Christmas.

Jeanne said...

Great job Joan! I know what you mean about it sneaking up. I felt the same. Thanks for participating and Cameron did a great job as well!

Kim said...

what a cutie!! Love the reflections too..wonder if the ants notice them? hehe

Donna said...

You are so creative! Terrific pics and funny too! You are a MAD woman now with captions, LOL! They really add to the fun!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh that Cameron! What a cutey pie that one is!!! I love babies and he is just the sweetest...but I do go on! Glad your Thanksgiving was the tops

Sharon Ellery said...

Great ant adventures. Look out for Cameron.


antigoni said...

Excellent post!
Cameron is a sweety.

Jeanette said...

Cameron is a little cutie pie and the socks are adorable!