Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Monday that's really a Tuesday!!

I love the first holiday of the Summer, I really do.  Yea, I know it's not officially Summer yet but in my mind Summer starts on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day.  So we celebrated both the holiday and my oldest daughter, Melissa's birthday.
Girls outnumber the boys in our family...LOL
This is Savannah's face after going in the pool for the first time this year...pure joy!!
And these two bunnies kept us entertained all day. They were playing and chasing each other the whole day long.  I've never seen bunnies do that before. 
We had cake and ice cream and I had forgot to get candles for the cake so I searched in all my drawers until I found some and when Melissa went to blow them out they kept lighting back up.  haha..I forgot I even had those trick candles!!
And I tried this form of exercise this weekend.  It's called a TRX.  We do intervals of spin bike and than floor work.  It's harder than it looks and I am sore today!!  But it's a good sore!!  And we got to spend some time with my niece Stephanie.  I miss her since she moved to Nashville!  So how was your weekend and what did you do?  Happy Monday that's really a Tuesday!!  :-)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!! It's a bit chilly here for the first big holiday of the season but we are going to grill out anyway and maybe the little ones will be brave enough to go into the pool!   Enjoy this long weekend!!  I'm off to get my bike out and get everything ready for the grill out!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey I can blog from my phone!!

Ok, ok it's been a long time. But I just figured out I can blog from my cell phone so this could be life changing in terms of bringing my blog back to life!!  LOL. How's everyone or is anyone still out there?? 😊  I'm doing great these days & hope to check in here more. Here's a pic of Sassy & I shopping for her birthday. Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!   Any special plans for the weekend?