Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey I can blog from my phone!!

Ok, ok it's been a long time. But I just figured out I can blog from my cell phone so this could be life changing in terms of bringing my blog back to life!!  LOL. How's everyone or is anyone still out there?? 😊  I'm doing great these days & hope to check in here more. Here's a pic of Sassy & I shopping for her birthday. Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!   Any special plans for the weekend?  


Donna said...

Oh my gosh, you blogged! LOLOLOL... I saw your post in my timeline and about fell out of my chair! You and the little one are both cute as a pair of buttons. Yes, come on back to blogville by cell phone! I just started using Bloglovin' services for keeping track of posts, and they have an app for phones too. So you might want to look in to their service to help keep you plugged in with everyone's posts.

Maria said...

How fun to see a post from you! I have been thinking about reviving my blog too. Are you posting using an app or just via the Internet?