Monday, October 22, 2007

The Zoo!

Maddie thought these little guys were so funny! I think they are Lemurs.
Maddie & Mommy at the Gorilla exhibit. I really tried to get the picture of the Mama Gorilla with her baby on her back but she kept moving in and out of the shots.
Maddie just loved the Manatees. I almost got in trouble in here because I couldn't figure out how to get my flash to stop working. You are not allowed to use flash with your camera in here. My camera is kind of complicated, so I keep it on one setting. Look at her face, pure delight.
And just because I think these guys are the cutest! They are some kind of Penguins from Australia.

We had a great day at the Cincinnati Zoo today. Maddie loved all of the animals. I think she thought some of the big cats were like her kitties back at home. But the Manatees were by far her favorite. The weather stayed beautiful until we were leaving the Zoo and then it started to rain, so that was a blessing. If you are ever in Cincinnati, you should make the trip to our zoo, we have a wonderful zoo. And for anyone who really cares, my good hair day ended when the rain started. LOL I'll be back tomorrow with Travel Tuesday but it might not be until later because I have a work thing. Work just keeps interfering with my fun, but isn't that the way it always is? :-)


Jen in MS said...

This is my first time to your blog and I wanted to say how lovely it is! I too am a Food Network junkie and love Paula Deen!

I'm looking forward to reading more!


justabeachkat said...

I'm so glad it was a good time. Great photos too.


Karen said...

I love these pics. I'm pretty partial to Lemurs, I think it is those stripy tails!! Isn't it wonderful how children love them so much? Zoo's I mean. Just the joy on their faces is wonderful.

June said...

Maddie loved the manatees just like Aunt June! Maybe, when she is older, she can sleep with them like Allison did - that was too cool!!

judy said...

We were in manatee land over the weekend and had a great time although we saw no manatees. However, I have been told that there are Panthers in south Florida which kind of blew me away. They leave them along and they just roam. We had fun on our little trip and it sounds like Maddie really enjoyed the zoo.

Nunnie's Attic said...

Maddie's face is priceless in that picture! I've never been to the Cincinnati Zoo but the Pittsburgh Zoo is pretty cool too!

Penguins are my favorite. Don't they just crack you up? How can you not laugh when you see a penguin?


IsabellaCloset said...

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Felicia said...

Love the zoo. Looks like everyone had a good time :)

Karolee said...

Oh man! The Cincinnati Zoo! I've heard that place is just FABULOUS! When we spent a month "living" in Louisville, we toyed with the idea of making a trip to that zoo. It never fit into our plans and we had to content ourselves with the zoo in Louisville (which was very nice, BTW).

Christine of Epiphany said...

Maddie is so cute!