Monday, October 15, 2007

Going Back in Time

I was cleaning today (shocking I know) and came across this picture of my sweetie and my family. It did not have a date on it but I'm thinking it was 1982 because Christina was so little. Yes, that is me with the great looking hair on the right. Hey, it was the 80's and you know your hair was probably the same. Christina's in the high chair (she's now almost 26 years old) and Jimmy and Melissa are in the background. I think my granddaughter Maddie looks alot like Christina in this picture. And look at my sweetie, he's so handsome(it looks like there is something on his face but it's because the picture is old). We were very young in this picture probably around 26 years old. Do any of you Cincinnati people recognize the restaurant we are in? It's LaRosa's. LaRosa's is a big part of Cincy, like Greater's ice cream is. They have great pizza. Anyway, I stopped cleaning long enough to post this. Anything to get out of cleaning and doing the laundry. Isn't it time yet for me to read everyone's blogs and quit working?


Karolee said...

What's really sad are the number of women I pass at Wal-Mart who STILL have 80's hair!

Dianne said...

Old pictures like that are so much fun! And SOOOOOOOOO much more fun than cleaning...but isn't everything?! :-)

justabeachkat said...

Love the old photo! That's what I love about taking photos. They freeze the moment and you can "re-live" it through photos.

BTW, I see your signature has disappeared. Mine did that too recently and I had to reload it. Not sure why? If anyone knows, let me know too please.


Nunnie's Attic said...

I love the picture Joan. What's even better than your 80s hair is your hubby's shorty shorts. HA HA!!

Thanks for sharing. Only a confident woman can show off her hair in the past!


Tracy said...

What a sweet photo! I love looking back through photo albums from my childhood and when my own children were little. :)

Christine of Epiphany said...

Is that the main Larosa's? Too cool! Yes, it's definitely one of the area's iconic places~ an enduring part of our Cincy lifestyles!
Must be 'Time to Get Out Old Photos and Post on Them' Day ~ I've visited 3 sites already this morning that have posted old photos they came across in their homes! I love hearing the memories behind each photo!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I love looking at old photos!! Especially from the 80's!

Diann said...

Hi Joan! Thank you for stopping by to check in on me. I'm doing really good and getting a lot accomplished (which was my goal when I stopped blogging for a while). I just built and launched a website for our church, so I'm real excited about that. I hope you're doing good!

Michelle said...

thanks for your comment! Yes Kayla enjoys going to Lowes for those workshops - she really likes wearing her apron and goggles :)

yes I had 80s hair like that! LOL

KJ said...

What a wonderful photo! I was married in the 80's, but I didn't have children until I was 29. As I gazed at the photo, I just kept being amazed at how fast time has flown by! My eldest daughter is 20 and my youngest is 7. So, I will be at this for awhile! (I turn 50 in January.)

Thanks for sharing! I am enjoying your blog! (Love the presence of the Lord here, too!)