Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Travel Tuesday - London

My sweetie at Tower Bridge , this is such a cool looking bridge. All of the photos are from 1999.

My sweetie in a London phone booth . I just love the red phone booths, they have such character to them.

This is me at Windsor Castle . Windsor Castle was just fascinating.

And Big Ben

We went to London in March of 1999. We actually came into London and then took the Eurostar to Paris. But I did Travel Tuesday with Paris first and then on to London. Either way the Eurostar is the fast train that connects both countries. My memory of London is that it was huge, but we really did enjoy the city. So here are a few of the not to be missed sights in London. I'm only touching on a few here so if anyone reading this has any suggestions that I have missed, please feel free to leave your suggestions in my comments. First go and see the Westminster Abbey, where most of England's kings and queens were crowned and many are buried. The Houses of Parliment and of course Big Ben. We did the Original London Sightseeing Tours, which had a guide telling you about all of the sights and you could hop on and off . Go visit Trafalger Square and don't forget the Tower of London, which by the way is fascinating with it's history. And of course you have to go and see Buckingham Palace. We went by train and visited Windsor Castle. I really enjoyed my visit there and the little shops and town outside the castle. My sweetie and I stayed in the Mayfair section of London and I highly recommend it there. The restaurants were great surrounding the whole area. We also did tea in the afternoon while we were there. We are both coffee lovers but you have to try the flavors of another country when you visit. So we had our tea and little sandwiches and enjoyed it very much. Is there a difference between high tea and just having tea in the afternoon? Once again I am only touching the surface of what London has to offer, it is a great destination and one I hope to get back to some day. If you have never been to Europe and have always wanted to go, I would suggest starting with London or anywhere in England. The language is familiar and I love the English accents. So how about we stay around this area a little more. Let's head on over to Ireland next week.


Anonymous said...

We loved London! Been twice and would love to go back someday.

A Captured Reflection said...

You know I'm English born and raised, and went to London many times but never saw London Bridge or the Tower (boo hoo). I love that you have taken us back to these times of your journey and it has brought back many wonderful memories. I never made it to Ireland, so I look forward to all that you share about it.

Tammy said...

This sounds like a wonderful trip!
The only other place I would visit while there is Princess Diana's burial place. My sister has been but I would like to go. I always admired her and miss her still!

Christine Boles said...

Woohoo! Looking forward to your Ireland photos and experiences!

Nunnie's Attic said...

Thanks for the tour Joan! I would love to see London some day. Maybe on my way home from Italy???