Monday, November 19, 2007

Travel Show

This is my sister Judy and her husband and friends at the Travel Show. Judy's the blonde and her hubby is across from her. They are going on a Caribbean cruise this winter. I really wanted to go with everyone but they were planning this when I was planning my Alaska trip and couldn't do both at that time and now the price of the cruise has more then doubled, so now I really can't go. Wish I could because this group knows how to have fun. So think of me when you all are in the Caribbean and I'm back in Cincy freezing.

This is my good friend and fellow travel agent Alice and her group of traveling buddies. Alice is the one kind of leaning on the left. She's a hoot to work with. We tell each other that if we ever need to go into a nursing home that our kids should put us on a cruise ship instead and we can float around the seas and they can visit us in port or on the ship. Think about it, you have a doctor and nurse on board, you have all of your meals and entertainment and it's probably cheaper then going into a nursing home.

Anyway, my work had a travel show the other night. We had a pretty good turnout and it was alot of fun. I loved talking to some of our clients and finding out how they liked their trips they took. The most interesting couple I talked to had just come back from Africa on a African Safari. I've known this couple for awhile and they have traveled the world. They told me about how they came upon a lion kill while they were in Africa and that they stayed at a lodge called The Ark, where you can watch the animals come to visit the salt lick. It is a lodge that is shaped to resemble the Ark and it has balconies and decks for great views. It just sounded so interesting to me and fascinating. I also asked them where their favorite place was out of all of the places they have been in this world and they told me that New Zealand was the most beautiful of all they had seen. In fact the husband told me that at every turn they went in New Zealand that there was another beautiful sight to see. I knew Australia was at the top of my list to see but now New Zealand is up there also. This is the best part of my job talking to people about their trips and hearing how excited they are when they see new places in this world. The worst part is dealing with the airlines. Have a great Monday!


Christine of Epiphany said...

Wow, they make me want to see New Zealand!
Thanks for sharing~

BunnyGirl said...

Hi Joan,

I found you via Karolee's blog (going to miss that girl).

Love this blog and your header is beautiful

June said...

I can't believe Judy, Dennis and their friends shut the place down! Too funny!! They do have a lot of fun - don't they?!! Hey, this sister is thankful for you and the other two also!!! Have a good one!

photowannabe said...

I love to travel and wish I had the funds to do more.
Cruising is the best. It makes me feel so pampered.
Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments. Its most appreciated.

Kari & Kijsa said...

How fun! And of course we smiled at the sister comment as well!!

kari & kijsa

justabeachkat said...

I really enjoyed Australia/New Zealand and yes they both are quite beautiful, but NOTHING calls my name to come back like Italy does!!!


Kellan said...

What a great job and I wish I was having a hard time deciding between the Carribian or Alaska! Nice pictures of your friends and family - see you soon. Kellan

T*mmy said...

I've yet to ever travel on a cruise, but I have heard of at least one lady that does stay on one as opposed to a nursing home...what a life!

I've always dreamed of seeing Hawaii and hope I will some day!

Have a great day!

Karen said...

Yes New Zealand is beautiful! I am blessed to live in a gorgeous place. The South Island is the most pretty, with fjords, wonderful mountains etc - we're going to the South Island for Christmas! North Island where we live has a different beauty. I would love to see Alaska and oh so many places! When the children are older we can be more diverse again. Currently we are saving up to go back home (well for me I'm the Brit) to the UK in 2008/9, which would mean a trip via the States or Canada or HongKong - all depends on costs, flights and timings!

Sandi McBride said...

Wow Joan, I'm so sorry about your Alaskan trip...I'd love to go there myself. Your banner is quite lovely. Thanks for dropping in to see me. I hope you won't be a stranger, I certainly won't be to yours lol...

Kari said...

Hey - sign me up for that "nursing home on a cruise ship" thing!