Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Three Generations

Grandma (me)

Mommy (my daughter)

Maddie (my granddaughter)

I warned you that I would have some Maddie pictures coming this week. I thought I would show you how much all three of us looked alike. It's kind of hard to see because we are all different ages in these photos but I think you'll be able to see the resemblance. All of us were born with a full head of dark hair. I also think we have the same nose. The girls laugh at the picture of Melissa (Mommy) because they can't understand why I would put a giant piece of yarn in her hair. Would someone tell them that everyone did that back in the late 70's? Am I the only Mom who put big giant pieces of yarn in their kids hair back then? :-) More memories to come later this week.........

Safe Travels,



June said...

I remember when we used to fix Melissa's hair like Pebble Flintstone - too cute!!!


judy said...

They all look adorable!


Kari said...

I LOVE the giant piece of yarn! lol And I only had a son until 1987. By then, the silly little velcro florets were in style. I could never get them to stay in her hair...
You three DO look a lot alike! That's amazing!

justabeachkat said...

Very cute photos! You do look alot alike, especially your noses. My daughter wasn't born until 1981. I put huge bows in her hair...every day.


marylou said...

What darling pictures and what a fabulous generation of lovely ladies:-)
Hug Life, Marylou