Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Travel Tuesday -Stromboli Volcano & Barcelona

Stromboli fishing village

The other side of the island where the lava flowed

I can't believe I almost forgot to show you pictures of cruising past Stromboli. As you can see it is an active volcano. On one side of the island there is a village and the other side is where the lava flows down to the sea. I found it hard to believe people lived here, I mean it is an active volcano, one that we could quite clearly see the red lava flow. I hope they all have boats to get off the island quickly if they need too. We went past the volcano late in the evening. My sweetie and I had some champagne the cruise line had given us for our 30th wedding anniversary so we sat on the deck and watched the volcano and drank champagne. It was wonderful and we both enjoyed it.
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Kari said...

I gotta quit this whole blogging thing before I burst a blood vessel struggling with all this envy I feel when I see posts like this! I'm trying so hard to be a nicer person. And yet, everytime I turn around, I'm feeling ENVY. But I have to say - as much envy as these pictures of foreign lands bring me - it's NOTHING compared to the envy I feel about you seeing Johnny Bench in person! lol