Sunday, August 12, 2007

And this is why I picked summer.....

I hope you can read this, it's coming across a little small on my screen. This was in our paper this morning and this is why I picked summer on Kari's vote for your favorite season poll. Come on all you summer people, go over to Kari's and vote for summer. Last time I checked autumn was winning by a landslide. Here are some of the reasons to pick summer, the days are longer. Have you forgotten what it's like to have darkness at 6pm in the winter? You can wear flip flops everyday in the summer and show off toe nail polish. That has to count for something. The fruits and veggies are the best of year. The Georgia & Carolina peaches are so good right now. I love watching the fireflies lighting up the night in the summer. They are the only insects I like other then butterflies. And what about swimming everyday. What could be more fun then going in the pool and floating around on a raft? Okay, I know I could go on with lots more but these are a few of my favorites things of summer.

Safe Travels,



justabeachkat said...

Okay...I admit it...I voted for autumn. I love summer for all the reasons you mentioned, but I guess since it's been soooooo hot lately, I'm ready for some brisk morning to walk, hot chocolate, tighs with my skirts, sweaters, sitting by the fire, etc. I will miss the fresh veggies though.


Kari said...

Okay you Crazy Woman! Summer. Geez. I am so sick and tired of this heat, I was actually on line last night looking up houses in Spokane, Washington. And no, I don't know why I chose Spokane. But it looks great. It only gets about 83 or 84 during June and that's their hottest month. Yessir! SIGN ME UP! lol You have GOT to post winter pictures when you're blessed with all that white stuff (you're feeling the urge to choke me, aren't you? lol).
Thanks for the mention...but summer ain't gonna win, missy. Just won't happen!