Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Travel Tuesday - Venice

My Sweetie on the ship on the Grand Canal

Gondola Ride

And just because this is so funny

I decided to do my travel blogs on Tuesdays from now on and call them Travel Tuesdays. Why? Mostly because I like the way Travel Tuesdays sound. I'm so deep:). Anyway on to my all time favorite place in Italy. I loved Venice, just loved it. When our ship came sailing down the Grand Canal on a beautiful sunny spring day playing the three tenors in the background, it was one of those moments in life that takes your breath away. We did Venice on our own. Venice is made up of 118 islands, 400 plus bridges and 170 canals. Venice is an easy city to walk around and discover for yourself. It seems like every alley or street you go down, you'll discover some new treasure and for someone who likes to shop it is so much fun. I bought my girls some Murano glass jewelry. Do not miss a gondola ride. Here's a tip, it is cheaper to go off the Grand Canal and bargain with them. Our gondola guide was very informative and fun. Piazza San Marco is the heart of Venice and not to be missed when you visit. Can I just say the pigeons on the Piazza San Marco are crazy? My sweetie took some not so flattering pictures of my reaction to them. We had two days in Venice and Mike was happy with one day but he indulged me and went back for a second day because he knew I loved it so much. We found an open air market the second day and he did enjoy that. I hated to leave Venice but our next stop was a very pleasant surprise. Next stop is Croatia.

Safe Travels,



Kari said...

Ahhhh, Venice. I've never been. But I imagine myself there, in a gondola with my dearly beloved while a Dean Martin CD serenades us with his beautiful music. However, until I conquer my fear of flying, guess I'll have to settle for a bass boat and a discman with the Dino CD instead. (I'm kidding, of course. You won't ever catch me in a bass boat!lol)

justabeachkat said...

I loved Venice. It was awesome.

We did the gondola ride too. At night witht he stars and music. Very romatic and very memorable!

You're right about the pigeons too...yuk!

Loved seeing your pics.


Kari said...

Hey, Joan...you said you go to Weight Watchers, right? How long have you been going? Are you happy with it? I've got to lose weight...I swear I think I'm looking at a stranger every time I look in the mirror...I'm SKINNY (in my head. lol). Just wondered what your thoughts were on the effectiveness of WW.

Kari said...

Joan, I think I've fixed my profile so that my e-mail will come up. But maybe not. I'm not very good with this computer stuff. At any rate, my e-mail is grannyskywalker@yahoo.com, if it doesn't come up on the profile thing. I'd love to discuss WW with you, when you get the chance. Thanks!