Saturday, August 11, 2007

Embracing Pink

I decided to quit fighting my inner pinkness and just give in, so I changed my template to this pretty rose color. I don't know why I gravitate to pink but I do, just ask my two girls. I am always looking for the perfect shade of pink eye shadow to go with the ten shades of pink eye shadow I already own. Sick, I know......... Our bedroom is a mauve color, though my girls call it pink and beg me to change it along with my office which is a nice muted pink. If you look in my closet you will see various colors of pink. What can I say, I guess I am just a pink kind of girl. Even my underwear is called pink, though that may be under the heading of too much info. Oh well, I feel the need for a new pink eyeshadow to wear tonight so I better get to the store. Have a great "pink" weekend!

Safe Travels,



Kari said...

Gosh - for a minute there, I thought I'd clicked into the wrong blog! I'm learning to embrace my formerly secret love of pink! I took a stand and decided that one room in this house was going to be girly! (Although 'taking a stand' makes it sound like I had to fight for it. I'm the one who decorated the whole house anyway. It's only recently that I've decided to set my pink self free and show it off in the house. lol). I've got the pinkish colored quilt, I just bought some extra shams to coordinate with it and I found a rose pattered table cloth for the night stand. Now all I need is the bedsheets, maybe a throw, a lacy bedskirt, a couple of toss pillows and I'm in business. Not much, right? lol Oh and maybe a pretty little rug next to the bed. My needs are simple (as I laugh hysterically at my saying that!).

justabeachkat said...

I love pink too...maybe not quite as much as you (is that possible, heheh) but I do love it.


sarah cool said...

Pink is my very favorite color, so I LOOOOOOOOOOVE the way your new design looks!

judy said...

Also, pink is the color for breast cancer. Pray for all those women who have breast cancer and are fighting it so bravely.