Friday, May 9, 2008

Hodge Podge of Friday Stuff

We have a name for the mystery fruit! Hilary from The Smitten Image found it for us. It's called Dragon Fruit and you can go here to learn all about it. It looks like it comes from a form of cactus. It's really interesting and it was fun reading what everyone thought it might be! Thanks Hilary!
This is what I worked on yesterday. This quote is upstairs in our hallway. I haven't quite finished it all yet. I have photos all around this of our family and I need to add our grandbabies to the mix and then I'll try to get a decent photo to show you the finish project. It's kind of hard to get a good photo because it's such a narrow hallway. But isn't it so cool?!! I love the idea of it, photos of the whole family and it's all because two people fell in love....... I showed my sweetie when he came home last night and he says to me "you have good handwriting". LOL It's a kit and Hobby Lobby has them on sale this week for half off! My handwriting stinks and it has gotten worse as I have gotten older. They have lots of different quotes to choose from.
Here are the little baskets I made for Melissa and Allison(moms of my grandbabies) for Mother's Day. I got the baskets at Hobby Lobby. Yea, I love that store. LOL And then I put in a couple of items from Bath & Body's fresh & clean collection. Which by the way smells wonderful, my fave two are Sea Island Cotton and Dancing Waters. And I also added the exfoliating body wash from Softsoap, which also is great and a candle that is suppose to smell like the ocean air. Just a little something because they are such great Moms to my grandbabies!
Isn't this so typical of Moms? Doing a million things at one time and someone yelling Mom, Mom, Mom......LOL Hope all of you Moms out there have a wonderful Mother's Day. We are going to have the kids over and grill out on Sunday. I am going to the Fresh Market and get their yummy portable mushroom, gouda burgers and make my strawberry trifle for dessert. Have a great one!!


Rue said...

Good morning Joan :)

That fruit kinda freaks me out LOL

The baskets you put together were so very thoughtful! I just know they will love them :)

I love the wall words. People think I painted them on my wall too :)

Have a beautiful Mother's Day!
rue :)

justabeachkat said...

Yeah...and now we know what it is!

I love, love, love your wall words. Hammmm...those would be perfect on my wall of family photos.

Your baskets for the girls look so good.

Happy Mother's Day.

Knit-Wit said...

I love the photo wall idea. I have a wall with pictures of my kids at various stages of growth. It's kind of fun to see them all at the same age.

Interesting about the fruit.

Irene said...

That is crazy looking fruit. Never heard of it!

I love your hallway decoration. My SIL and MIL have done that same sort of thing in their homes. It does look really nice with photos.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I used to have nice handwriting but my carpal tunnel syndrome affects how long I can hold a pen now and it is deteriorating fast...sigh...I don't know if I spelled that right either...wonder what I can blame that on...LOL!

Man you are good to your grandbabies Mama's!!

Have a great weekend and maybe share that strawberry trifle recipe when you get back??
Purdy please☺

Donna said...

What wonderful baskets!! Great idea! Happy Mother's Day Sweetie!!hughugs

Katie said...

Happy Mother's Day Joan. You are a great mom and step mom and a surrogate to all us Westside girls. Thanks for being you!!

Kellan said...

I love that quote and that idea!! I have something similar to that idea on the wall in our upper hallway. I have a lot of photos of the kids - all b/w photos in black frames and the plaque above all the photos is the saying, Live, Laugh, Love - it looks nice. Can't wait to see yours when you get it done. Cute baskets too - how nice. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day - see you - Kellan