Friday, May 16, 2008

Photo Challenge

My good blogging buddy Donna is hosting a photo challenge today and here are my photos for the challenge. I am by no means a photographer and I am always in awe of all of you guys whom I visit who can make something ordinary into something extraordinary with your photography. That is a true gift and one I enjoy seeing. These photos were actually taken a few years ago with my very first digital camera that my son had given me. It was big and bulky but it did take some nice photos. My sweetie and I were coming back from the Cincinnati airport, which is located in Kentucky(that's a whole post for another day). It was about 8am and we always come across the ferry on the Ohio River instead of one of the bridges to get to our neck of the woods. I grew up on the Ohio River and love going across it in this way. The only downside is you sometimes have to wait for the ferry to come back across to get you. As we were waiting we took these photos of the fisherman fishing in the first photo and the ferry going across in the second. There is just something so cool about the fog on the river. We took these photos(and more) and had them blown up and put in black frames with a white mat and they now hang in our kitchen. Hope you enjoy them and thanks Donna for putting this together.


Donna said...

Oh Joan...These are SO beautiful!!! Dreamy!!!! And I thought this was a Lot of fun! Miz Brenda started it all...(she makes me nervous because her photos are wonderful! She's had lots of practice) but it Really makes you "wake" up to your world! Thanks for playing Joan!!hughugs

Sandi McBride said...

Oh the photos are fantastic Joan...can I vote? I love the second one especially, it would be lovely as a print hanging in my dining room, lol!

Sally said...

Hi Joan:

I'm here from Donna's. Your photographs are lovely!!

Take care!

Lille meg said...

I agree with the others: Your photos are beautiful!
Thank you for your sweet comments to me.
I wish you a happy weekend!):

Brenda said...

Oh Wow! These are wonderful!!

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I didn't know there was a ferry! Looks neat!

I hate the traffic on either side of that bridge...nerves me out to no end!

justabeachkat said...

Very gorgeous photos Joan!

Have a wonderful weekend.

photowannabe said...

Really, really nice photos Joan. No appologies needed. The compositions and choice of black and white are perfect.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I really like these.. The fog rolling in on the water. Very mysterious.
xoxo Nita

Kellan said...

I LOVE these photos - beautiful! ANd, I love your new header - BEAUTIFUL too!

Have a good weekend, Joan - see you - Kellan



Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's an honor to meet you. I loved looking around here. I absolutely LOVE your pictures and content. Keep it up.


Maria said...

Those are beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them.