Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend ya'll!! Hope you all are having a fun and safe weekend. If you have some time go to KLOVE and thank our troops. They have a link where you can write you own personal note of thanks to all who serve our country. Thank you to all who are serving and who served! We are just hanging out this weekend. Our pool is opened but the only thing swimming in it are the ducks who think it's their personal lake. UGHHHH!!! They are dirty and messy. Last year the Mama duck brought her babies back to our pool to take a swim and of course the babies jumped in the pool but could not get out. So my daughter Christina had to get the skimmer and scoop them out. And what did the Mama duck do while Christina was helping the babies? She literally squeezed herself under a small opening at the bottom of our fence that surrounds the pool and ran into the woods. Talk about a Mommy Dearest! LOL When we got all the little ones out of the pool they all ran off to the woods also. We never seen them again until this spring. If anyone knows how to stop the ducks from swimming in our pool, let me know. They leave nice little calling cards all over the concrete. :-) So we are going to grill out and just relax all weekend, we are suppose to have some nice weather. Memorial Day is always the beginning of my favorite time of year. I love Summertime!! Have a wonderful holiday!


celestina marie said...

Hi Joan, Happy Memorial Day to you and yours as well. Our pool is open too and our Golden went for her first swim today while we trimmed bushes and trees. LOL!! She played, we worked. Going to relax the rest of the weekend and remember those that we are so thankful for and our troops that continue to keep us free.
Have a great weekend.
la rea rose

Donna said...

Joan- Your blog is Really getting fancy!! I Love all the neat things you doing with it!! The Header is Wonderful! Happy Memorial Day to you and your family sweetheart!! (I Love the duck story)LOL...I know it's a mess to have them around though...hugshugs

justabeachkat said...

Yuk! Ducks in the pool and leaving their "stuff" on the concrete! And I was upset when a large turtle got into ours. LOL

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!


Mary Isabella said...

We are doing the same. I too like the beginning of Summer....

Sandi McBride said...

Hope your Memorial day is filled with sweet memories and great meetings with family and friends.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I hope you are having a wonderful day Miz Joan!♥

david mcmahon said...

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. I'm enjoying the changes you've introduced to your blog, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,
I love your new banner. Happy Memorial Day to you too!!


Kellan said...

Baby ducks are adorable, but a pool is not place for the duck family - I agree!

Hope you had a good holiday weekend - see you soon - Kellan