Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Grandma's little sporty car has been turned into a grandbaby mobile. :-) We ventured out to Target yesterday afternoon. Hey after being in the house for a week, my daughter Melissa was ready for a trip to everyone's favorite store. Sydney didn't wake up the whole time and after some little old ladies were ohhing and ahhing over Maddie and Sydney at Target and saying what a good big sister Maddie was, she had a meltdown in the food aisle of Target. LOL

My son Jimmy came over with Cameron for a visit so we put the two babies together on the couch for a photo op. Cameron is about eight weeks older then Sydney. He seems so big compared to her. They didn't pay one bit of attention to each other. LOL

And don't you just love this photo? It will go somewhere on my blog as a permanent fixture because I just LOVE it. All three grandbabies sleeping together on Grandma's couch. I am also using this as my desktop background on my laptop.

You guys know I couldn't show just one photo when I have lots. LOL Hey, I have about 50 other ones that I'm not showing you that I took yesterday. I want to get them all Cincinnati Reds outfits and have them all photographed together. Cameron already has a Red's outfit but I am looking for pink ones for the girls. You know I'll post those photos if I ever find some girly Red's outfits. Have a great Wednesday! I thought about doing the last two photos for a Wordless Wednesday but everyone knows I stink at that one. :-)


Kathy said...

Joan, what neat pictures of your grandchildren. Aren't they great? I really love the one of the three of them sleeping. Kevin's mom


Oh sweetie i know i have loads of catching up to do here with you! Ive been thinking about you heaps.... and WOW lookie at that new lil grandbubby! Oh Joan she is just gorgeous. The photo of the 3 grandkids is just so special.
I am off to bed, im headachy and yuk, but in the morning i'll be back to do a catch up and look at all the sweet baby piccies
A big CONGRATS to you all, Sydney Anne is a real sweetie.
I bet you are feeling truly blessed arent you *smile*
Big Hugs,

sarah cool said...

Ahhh!!! They are SO cute. What perfect little babies.


Oh Joan, they are the most gorgeous pics. I just love the one of them all asleep together. Cherish the moments my friend, they grow up all too soon. You can throw all the photos you like at us, we will love them all.
Also wanted to let you know your swap parcel arrived. So gorgeous, I feel really spoilt (check my blog when you have time - giggle). I love it all Joan, thank you, thank you, thank you. Yours is still a work in progress, but getting there. I'll email you when it's posted. Hug those babies for me.
Hugs to you, Coll :-}

Donna said...

Oh Joan!!! You must be OVER the Moon, in love....much happiness to you!!!!hughugs

Mary Isabella said...

These are the sweetest children. I adore the one where they are all sleeping. Beyond words precious....Hugs...Mary

photowannabe said...

This is so sweet. I love the sleeping grandkids with Maddies protective hand on the baby.
Aren't Grandkids the best?

Steph said...

Love love LOVE the sweet babies! Sas looks like she's about to punch someone, Madison is sooo sweet hanging on to her like that, and Cam has chunked up! I looove them!

Kellan said...

That little Sydney has a beatiful head of dark hair just like my Little Billy did/does! That is a darling picture of the 3 babies sleeping - darling!

Take care- Kellan

justabeachkat said...

Oh.My.Word Joan! Those photos are incredible!

So cute and so sweet!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

What great photos. I love little Sydney's fists up next to her face. She looks like she's really concentrating on sleeping. lol

I laughed out loud when I read about Maddie's "meltdown" in the food aisle. Too funny. I think there's a law somewhere that says kids have the right to nuclear meltdowns after so many minutes of good behavior. *smile*

I don't suppose they have pink Cincy Red outfits with the number 5 on them, do they? I'd HAVE to get one for each of my granddaughters! I saw a kid wearing a Johnny Bench number 5 Cincy shirt when we were in OKC. I almost tackled him for it. If he hadn't of been one level down from me on the walkway, I might have gotten him, too. lol


Mimi said...

I think I would have to even put the one of them all sleeping together as my header on my blog...I just love love love it!!!
to have three babies at once is just too good!!!

daisy cottage said...

It is so nice to meet you - found your link from Rue's... your family is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! oh how in love you must be!


LivingTheLife said...

Sweet, Sweet pictures...I love how little Maddie has her precious hand on her baby sister...too sweet! I hope to know that joy one day!


Lille meg said...

Lovely pictures! Lucky you who have grandchildren! And they are lucky too, who have such a grandmother!

Have a nice weekend!:)

Michelle said...

what sweet pictures! especially the one of them all sleeping!

celestina marie said...

Joan, your grandbabies are so precious. I love all your pictures. They are little angels.
la rea rose

Rue said...

I love those pictures Joan! All three are beautiful grandbabies :) That cracks me up that she threw a fit later. Sounds familiar ;)


wendster said...

Those are great baby photos of the three of them.

Good job!

(And they are SO cute.)