Monday, December 17, 2007

HGTV Dream Home 2008 Florida Keys

Even the dog has a cool house. I don't even have a dog but I might just have to get one for this house. But there just one problem, would you let your dog roam around the Florida Keys outside? Aren't there lots of alligators there?

View from the outside. Look at this place!
Entertainment room. I love the furniture and all of the blue touches in this room. Looks like something I seen at the Pottery Barn and would love to have.
I just love this kitchen. I could stay here all day and I'm not a kitchen person. Love the glass cabinets.
And look there are stairs going off the kitchen. There's something cool about back stairs.
Maybe I'll skip staying in the kitchen all day and just hang out in this Master bath.

Okay, so HGTV is having their Dream House giveaway again next year. Every year my friend Vickie and I enter this faithfully everyday and have yet to win but I have a feeling that next year is my year to win this baby. LOL Not only do you win the house and everything in it but you also win a car. They say the total prize package is worth 2.2 million dollars and the lucky winner will be announced on March 16th. You can enter online once per day from January 1st through February 19th, 2008. But don't worry about entering because like I said next year is my lucky year. Here's the only problem, once you win this pretty baby all the taxes, insurance etc... are your responsibility, which means most people sell it. But before I sell it, I'm going to have a big party and all my bloggy friends are invited. It is fun to watch the tour of these dream homes and I'll be sucked into watching it again on New Years Day. If you want to see more of this beautiful home go here and check it out. I guess there's a reason they call it a Dream Home. Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am so entering. We love the Keys especially Key West. Our friends and Bill & I have been going to Key West every year and love it!!!!


Sandi McBride said...

I'm entering, yes Ma'am, but I want them to move the house to Jefferson, SC...Florida's a nice place to visit but after having lived there, no thanks, don't want to live there...

Irene said...

Ooooo I love that house! But like many others, there is no way I could afford even getting to the house, let alone maintaining it and paying the taxes/insurance.

I entered this drawing one year, and then when I read when the drawing was, and the fact that you HAVE to be present, I started to worry because I had a big time prior commitment on that very weekend.

I just kept thinking that, knowing my luck, THIS would be the year I was actually a finalist and I won't be able to go. Of course, I wasn't.

Good luck!

Knit-Wit said...

I think I'll pass on entering. I'd have to sell the house - two reasons... Couldn't afford to win it.... Don't wanna live in Florida. But I will come to your party if you win it!

Kellan said...

It's so beautiful, isn't it? Hope you have a good day. Kellan

Peta said...

Good luck Joan, it is gorgeous. I love Florida, would love to live there.