Thursday, December 27, 2007

Church Christmas Service and Christmas Eve

My sweetie and I and Maddie before the Christmas show started at church. Maddie loved how the place was decorated and she came in the show with us and fell right to sleep.
Here is a photo of the choir and all the hanging Christmas trees they had on stage. There was a guy who sang gospel and he was amazing. We had a wonderful evening. But isn't it interesting how they had those trees hanging from the ceiling?
This is Christmas Eve over my sister Gail's house. This is a photo of my Dad and all of his girls. He takes care of his girls and always has. From left to right, it's Gail, June, Dad, Judy and me. I'm the youngest(okay that's a outright lie) but I always tell my sisters that. (I'm actually the oldest of the bunch)
And then we went over to my sweetie's extended family. I told you they are very Italian and it's funny because every Christmas Eve it seems like the women end up in the dining room and chat and eat. I don't think there's a sign that says no men allowed but it always ends up only women in there. My daughter Christina joined the group this time. She's the third on from the right. She's very interested in the family history and how the family came from Sicily and ended up here in Cincy. We decided to write it all down with all the aunts and uncles so we can pass it down to the next generation.

And I just had to put this photo of Maddie in the mix. She loves Christina's cell phone. Forget about the pretty pink princess cell phone Grandma got her, she wants the real thing. Doesn't it look like she's texting? Perhaps she was texting Santa with some last minute instructions. LOL

When I downloaded my Christmas photos it said I had 150 something photos and I think 140 of them were of my granddaughter Maddie. Aren't you glad I didn't upload them all? LOL


Justabeachkat said...

Now you know I love photos girl so don't worry about showing too many to me. I took tons too! The hanging trees looked soooo pretty. Almost looks like trees on a snowy hill in that photo...very pretty! I love the photo of you girls with your Dad! The one of Maddie with the cell phone is priceless.


Anonymous said...

I believe you took care of me when I was born. So, that makes me the youngest and I will never let any of you forget that!! ha, ha!!