Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Stuff

Here's some photos from our weekend. We went out to eat at an upscale Mexican Restaurant downtown called Nada's for my mother in law's birthday. Who knew there was such a thing as upscale Mexican food? It was very good but I was a bad girl and ate too many chips and salsa. Does anyone else eat (pig out) on this stuff just because they put it in front of you? LOL They had some items on the menu I have never tried before so I decided to be adventurous and try something called Ceviche, I've never even heard of it before. It comes in a glass and has scallops, shrimp, orange and chipotle in it. It floats in the glass and is very spicy. It was very good but since I have acid reflux I was afraid it would come back to haunt me but it was okay. Thank goodness. We also had Sangria(wine punch) to drink, now that is a drink I could get used to. Since we ate outside and it was quite a warm night, the sangria tasted pretty good, all nice and cold with fruit, ice and wine. Anyway, the top photo is of the birthday gal and my sweetie and his brother Steve. The second is of all of us and the third is of my sweetie and I. In the photo below is the most yummy cake on the planet and underneath the cake is my sister in law Karen and my daughter Christina and my niece Stephanie. And then the champagne toast we had for Lynn's birthday. It was a fun night and I think the birthday girl really enjoyed herself.
And on Friday afternoon my nephew and his girlfriend had a little baby girl named Jaycee. She only weighed a little over 5 pounds and she shares a birthday with her Great Grandma Lynn. We went to the hospital to visit them and she is just the sweetest little thing. So the baby boom continues around here. LOL Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Happy Monday!


Donna said...

Welcome to the world Jaycee!! Awww...more Sugar!!Hahaha....Precious!!! If you're rolling in too much "sugar" Miss Joan, you can ship some of them to Texas!!!lololol....And are you Sure you're not 16??? Great genes, is all I can say!!!
Happy Day Sweetie!!hughugs

Brenda said...

The birthday celebration looks like a lot of fun and the pictures are wonderful! I surely thought the one of you and your sweetie was of sweetie and your daughter. :-)

Congrats on having a new, sweet, baby to love!

Sally said...

Awwww, a nice birthday, good food, good drinks, happy people, and a new baby to boot! Can't beat that. So happy for you all!!! Amazing to be born on the great-grandma's birthday!! :)

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Sangria...yum! Sounds great right about now.

I, too, have issues with the chips and salsa. I'm an animal around them. LOL I try to eat more salsa than chip - makes me feel more virtous that way. HA!

What a sweet little baby! My niece (actually Randey's niece, but whatever!) had a baby girl on the 30th. She weighed in at 6 lbs. 4 oz. and was the sweetest little thing to hold. I love the little newborns. They're just so precious. And, of course, holding little Brooklynn (that's what she was named) only made me ache to hold Kara. Can't wait to hold that little baby, hopefully around Christmas time. Meanwhile, I've got Maddy Moose here with me for the next few days. She's grown so much - I can't believe she's 8 years old already!! We did ceramics today and plan on doing some shopping tomorrow, after my WW meeting. Wish me luck (on both the WW AND on shopping with Maddy. lol)


kevin said...

We've been to Nada three or four times now. I LOVE that place. Congrats to Cousin Tim on the new baby, hopefully ours will be here next!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you email me all the pics from the weekend, pretty please? And the one of Sas and me when she was first born, if you can find it? I'm wearing a yellow sweater, if that helps. :)

I'm using my email again. I guess UT finally realized I no longer attended school there and cut my account off. ;)

Jeanne said...

Beautiful pictures. Love mexican food! Congrats on the new arrival, how tiny and sweet she looks.

Maria said...

What wonderful family times you have had. Congrats on the new addition to the family. Babies are such a blessing!