Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Awards what I learned in Photoshop

In the photos below is what I learned from my niece Allison yesterday. She showed me a few things to do on Photoshop Elements because I was having some trouble figuring it out myself. LOL She's thirteen and I'm 52 so it just goes to show that you can learn something from teenagers. Okay now don't make fun of me because I am still trying to get the hang of this. I love the black and white photos with a touch of color but when you do it in photoshop you have to have a steady hand and I definitely do not have steady hands so the first one with the pink bow is not perfect but the next photo with Maddie and Allison and Coco the wonder dog with just her pink tongue showing is better. It's a fun program and I hope to figure it out more. Allison loved learning how to bead jewelry. I'm not the best teacher because I tend to go jump around when I talk as most of you know from reading this blog. LOL But she's a smart kid so she picked it up very fast. Thanks Allison, I had fun learning this and having you guys over yesterday and watching Maddie chase Coco all around the house.

See the cute pink tongue hanging out?

Okay that was fun and I really could spend all day playing with photos but I need to take care of some bloggy business. I received some very special awards from some very special ladies and I need to thank them and pass them on to more special ladies. The first one is from Celeste at La Rea Rose. If you have never paid her a visit you really should, Celeste and her golden retriever Miss Beazy Lee are always creating special items. So here are the rules and thanks so much Celeste!

The rules to pass on this award are to nominate 5 other people, four of which are dedicated followers of your blog and one that is new from another country. Post the Twinks Bank Icon and lastly link the giving blog friend who gave you this award.

Okay so I pass this award on to:
1) Donna from Cottage Days and Journeys

2)Donna from Made in Heaven

3)Britt from Lille Meg She's my blogging buddy from Norway and if you visit her she has a really cool thing on her blog that will translate her blog from Norwegian to English. I don't have anyone new from another country and I want Britt to have this award.

4)Brenda from Whats Up Down South

5)Sally from Whispering Hope

And then my buddy Kat from Just a Beach Kat has presented me with a special award. It's called the Kreativ Blogger Award. As the recipient of this award I am supposed to tell 6 things that make me happy and pass the award on Okay, here are 6 things that make me happy:

1. My wonderful husband of almost 32 years
2. My children and my grandbabies(duh, like I don't talk about my grandbabies all the time here) LOL
3. My first cup of coffee each morning and reading the morning paper
4. Getting my toes done(going there when I get this post done) YEA!!!
5.Driving in my car, weird but I really love driving in my car and listening to music.
6 . Last but not least that my Dad got a clean bill of health when he went to his cancer doctor last week. No sign of cancer and he doesn't have to go back for six months!! That makes me so happy.

Thanks Kat, it has made me happy to have you as a blogging friend!

Also Donna from Made in Heaven gave all of her bloggy buddies this Wylde Woman Award. Yea, I'm really Wylde and crazy. LOL So I am passing this award on to all of my blogging buddies also. That means all of you because you all continually bring joy to my life through your encouragement, humor, inspiration and talent. Thanks Donna!
WYLDE WOMAN AWARD The rules of this award are:

1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.
2.To send love and acknowledgment to men and women, who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.
These people continually bring joy to my life through their encouragement, humour, inspiration and talent.

Have a good one, now I am off to get my toes done and rest! LOL This post took a long time to do. Happy Tuesday!


Brenda said...

I think the photos are great and you did a wonderful job! Now you can teach us! :-)

Sally said...

First and foremost, Joan, you may have posted it before and I missed it; but, that is GREAT news about your dad!! God is so good!! I'm very happy for you all.

Your photo lesson sure turned out well. I LOVE the pictures; the b&w with the little bitty pink. How clever, and cute!!

Congratuations on your awards; you're quite deserving!! Thanks so much for passing one on to me; I'm not deserving but I LOVE it so I bow down before you and accept!! hahaha

I wanna get my toes done too!! Have fun!!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I love driving around and listening to music too. I think it is so wonderful that you have been married 32 years.
Great post..xoxo Nita

June said...

Love those pictures! Coco is missing Maddie chasing her - she slept for hours after we got home!! Allison & I have been beading all day!


Donna said...

Awwww.. Thank You Sweetheart! I love it! And I also, am thrilled to hear about your Dad's clean bill of health!! Wonderful!! Happy day Sweetheart!hughugs

Lille meg said...

Oh, Joan! Thank you SO much for this lovely award!
I have not got this one before, and I appreciate it very much.
I am sorry that I haven't visited my blogfriends so often last week.
A friend of mine has visited me, and I would take care of her when she was here. She left yesterday.
But now I am back.
Thank you again, and have a lovely day!