Thursday, August 7, 2008

Got Goldfish?

Yesterday afternoon Maddie woke up from her nap here at Grandma's house and promptly escorted me to the kitchen pantry. I knew what she wanted, Grandma's pantry is usually filled with Goldfish snacks for her. We opened the pantry door and there were NO GOLDFISH!! There were no GOLDFISH to be found anywhere in Grandma's house. So I tell her that Grandma has no Goldfish in the house and offer her one of my Weight Watcher treats and then she looks at me and puts her hands on her face and yells "OH NO" like this was the biggest tragedy ever. LOL So what's a Grandma to do? This Grandma went to Kroger's and bought the biggest box of Goldfish I could find and some pretzel ones too. This ought to last her for awhile. Don't you wish that a few Goldfish and a milk and sitting at Grandma's kitchen table watching the Aristocats could make your day too? Have a great day and go have a few Goldfish, they'll make your day a little brighter.


Karen said...

That is so cute! Aren't these times precious? I don't have grandkids yet, but this sure brings back memories. Thank you for visiting me.

Brenda said...

She's such a sweetie and so easy to please. Lucky Grandma!

Anonymous said...

When Maddie & Sydney come here on Saturday, we will make sure to have lots of goldfish on hand and watch the Aristocats!! Too funny! We are so looking forward to babysitting them.


judy said...

I just love Goldfish and just had some with my lunch. The only thing is, I ate them all up and Shelly wanted some to take along to Maryland tomorrow so she is now at Meijers buying some more.


Donna said...

LOLHahaha.....Boy!! I've had to make a few trips like this, myself.....Happy day sugar!!hughug
She's Beautiful!!

dabrah said...

I've never had Goldfish, but it sounds as if they must be good. Simple pleasures are best, aren't they?

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Karen, that is the sweetest little story ever. What a darling she is too.

I am having a giveaway. I would love for you to stop by and leave a comment if you have a moment.
hugs, Celestina
la rea rose

Sally said...

Aw, Grandma, your little Maddie will always remember how sweet you are!! She is so precious!!

The other day, I told Hunter I had a surprise for her. Her eyes lit up, and when I handed her a box of animal crackers she said "oh". hahaha I don't know what she was expecting!!

Fran said...

That's quite the life of luxury....sitting on your table watching tv eating goldfish! What wonderful memories she will have of being at your house.


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

You're such a good grandma! Maddie's so lucky. My Maddy knows that her granny always has chocolate in the house - one way or another. lol


Christine Boles said...

A few Goldfish and a milk and sitting at Grandma's kitchen table watching the Aristocats would probably STILL make me happy! :) Grandmas are good company!

Justabeachkat said...

I'd love some Goldfish and a glass of red wine please!

I must apologize. I've been a bad blog friend. My days just have flown by and I can't seem to keep all the "balls in the air". But I'm trying. That's what counts, right?


david mcmahon said...

Yes, Joan, you're right. Often it's something as simple as a smile that really makes a person;s day.

Or goldfish .... !!!

Maria said...

How fun, Joan! Guess you'll never forget those again, will you?

My granddaughter counts on string cheese in the fridge when she visits.

Rue said...

Hi Joan :)

I wish life was that simple again. What a little cutie she is. I love the fact the she's not paying any attention to you taking that picture because she's in so much bliss :)

Have fun at the wedding!