Friday, March 28, 2008

The Princess Grandma and the Young Whippersnapper

Once upon a time in the fair land of flying pigs and German sausage lived a beautiful grandma princess. One day the grandma princess decided to decorate her castle so she went in her black carriage to the castle depot in search of the perfect item. She searched and searched and finally found the item she wanted to feather her little castle. She took it up to the young whippersnapper to pay for it and she was very excited because the item she wanted was 50% off. As she was paying for it the young whippersnapper declares "we never sell any of these, no one buys these things" and then he waits for a few seconds and looks at the grandma princess and then says with emphasis "no one, not ever." Well, the grandma princess thought for a moment and she even thought about buying all that they had left just to show the young whippersnapper a thing or two, but then she thought that the grandpa prince might not be too happy if she did that. So she took her goods that "no one buys, not ever" and went to her black carriage and laughed and promptly turned the young whippersnapper into a toad.

Okay, so maybe the beautiful grandma princess is a slight exaggeration and in the coming weeks I'll explain the flying pig reference to everyone not familiar with Cincinnati, but that kid really did say that to me. I was buying the stencils pictured below. You can go to here to see the items I am talking about and how to do them.

Here's the stencil I bought with the purple flowers. I planned on framing a doorway with it. Now if I had some artistic talent and could draw, I would do it myself but since I was not given that talent this will have to do.
And wouldn't this look so cute in a laundry room with the clothes on the clothesline?
Here's one of the stencils I did a few years ago for our powder room. It's a grapevine framing the doorway. It's a few years old but I still like it. If you look inside you can see the other stencils I put in the room and below is also a stencil from the powder room. So I'm asking you, does this look tacky or something?
Actually, I don't think the kid was being deliberately rude or I would have really turned him into a toad. LOL Anyway, I thought it was funny in the end. I once read on Kari and Kijsa's blog to decorate your home with the things you love. I thought that was some of the best advice on decorating. I love their blog. So I am going to frame that doorway with the thing that "no one not ever" buys because I like it! Have a great weekend!


Karolee said...

I love the way you put that in story form.

I would have told the young wippersnapper that if no one buys them he should discount it even more in order to get it off his shelves.

photowannabe said...

Well, so there anyway! That young whippersnapper deserved to be turned into a toad.
I really like the laundry stencil. Maybe I will go to the castle depot and get that one myself.
Great crafted story Joan.

Tammy said...

I admire anyone that does mural work, be it by stensil or free hand...yours looks lovely...whippersnappers will be whippersnappers...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Very well said. I also have always said decorate your home with what you love not what you think someone else will love because then it is no longer your haven. I guess you told that young lad a thing or two. Love the stencil above the mirror, so pretty!

LeAnn :)

Anonymous said...

I have bought those and did my kitchen! Of course, I guess I don't count since we are related and I got the idea from you - ha, ha!!! Crazy kid...


justabeachkat said...

You go girl! Great post.


KJ said...

I hope our little frog is able to see the world from a fresh perspective! Did you give him your blog URL? This is too cute!

Hugs, KJ

Donna said...

Fun Post!! And NO WAY does it look tacky!! It's a great idea! I think I'll venture to that place where no one ever goes and buy something no one ever buys!!LOL Have a fun weekend Sweetheart!hughugs

CIELO said...

Oh Joanie... you made me laught with that story, girl..... how cute!

Have a great night!


Rue said...

Hi Joan :)

I popped over to see you after you popped over to see me and I stopped at this post to tell you that I loved the story :)

Who cares what some kid thinks, I think they're cute. Besides, I think it's better to do something unusual than to be a sheep like most ;)