Friday, March 21, 2008

The Easter Gorilla, Maddie and the Easter Bunny and Good Friday

What, you've never heard of the Easter Gorilla? This is one of the gorillas at our Cincinnati Zoo. The Zoo keepers give them baskets filled with hard boiled eggs and plastic eggs filled with raisins, peanuts and treats. They do this every year and I love seeing this photo in our newspaper.
Here is Maddie(my granddaughter) with the Easter bunny last year. This year she wants nothing to do with him. If Maddie had her way, the Easter bunny would be road kill. LOL Actually, he is kind of scary looking for little ones.
And last but certainly not least today is Good Friday. I hope everyone and their families have a wonderful Easter. My Dad is taking all of us out for Easter brunch on Sunday. There will be around 25 of us this time unless Allison goes into labor before that and then we will be missing my son and her. The doctor told her this week that she could go early. She is due in 11 days so we are all waiting for the new little grandson to come. I am getting really excited to meet him. Have a wonderful Easter!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Have a blessed Good Friday and a wonderful Easter!

kari & kijsa

Lille meg said...

I can see that you call this day for Good Friday, in Norway we say Long Friday (langfredag in norwegian).
No, I have never heard of Easter gorilla. I have heard about easter rabbit.LOL..

I wish you a blessed easter!

Donna said...

OhSoSweet!!! Loving the Gorilla getting some goodies! And Maddie's
Not a happy camper!LOL...RUN BUNNY RUN!!!lolol...Happy Easter Sweetie!!hugs

wendster said...

Welcome to the new grandson!

Now how would we say that in text?

I know I didn't know any of those ... thanks for bringing me up to speed.