Monday, March 10, 2008

Last of the Eiffel Tower, Sno Balls and Misery

Here's the last of my Eiffel Tower snow photos. The top two are from the beginning of the snowstorm and the bottom two are when the snow finally stopped. And is it just me or does that bottom photo on the right remind you of a giant Hostess Sno Ball treat? LOL

Let's just put pink food coloring on it and it'll be perfect! Okay, so maybe I was in the house too long and I started to have illusions of food in the snow. LOL But it really does look like a giant Hostess Sno ball .

And Kari, maybe The Shining (see the post below this) was not a good example of how I felt. I am kind of thinking of that other Stephen King movie about being stuck in the snow called Misery. LOL Actually I am not a Stephen King fan, he scares the beegeebies out of me but I have seen those two movies. Now my sweetie better start to worry if I start calling him Mr. Man(you have to see the movie to understand). Anyway, it really wasn't too bad, they said we were having a blizzard but I've been in blizzards and I don't think this was one, just a whole lot of snow. It's already melting and guess what? I am so excited because I am really knitting now and I am liking it. I pulled out my knitting needles on Saturday and my books and it just somehow clicked. I'm not saying I am ready to make anything yet, but I am coming along. I can even knit while watching TV. I have been trying to upload photos of little Maddie in the snow but blogger is not cooperating. They are so cute, so I'll try again later on. Have a wonderful day.


judy said...

Hi Joan, That is too funny about the Eiffel Tower. I am also glad the snow is melting. Stephen King used to me one of my favorite authors until he went a little nuts with the clown in the sewer; I can't remember the name, but it was really weird; weirder than his normal books. Looking forward to spring!


Peta said...

Sounds like you have a touch of cabin fever Joan! I am a big Stephen King fan, but I don't like most of the movie versions of his books.

Maria said...

That's a lot of snow! More than I've ever seen here in CA! Yeah on your knitting! I knew you would get the hang of it. What's the first project you are dreaming of? Scarves are a good start.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I loved the movie Misery - kind of freaky but good!! I think I am going Easter shopping today - trying to think Spring thoughts here! ha, ha! Hope we can get back to walking soon - ate too much this weekend stuck inside.


Donna said...

You can make snow ice cream! My Mother use to years ago! hughugs

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Oh well MISERY, now THAT'S totally different from The Shining. LOL

You're crazy, you know that? But I will agree with you on one thing...that snow did turn out to look like a giant SnoBall. Yum-O! :)