Thursday, March 13, 2008

Did Ya Ever Get The Feeling.............

So today's been one of those days so far. You know the kind of day, where it starts off wrong and just keeps going downhill. And the thing is, it's never usually something big that's wrong, just a bunch of minor irritations that get under your skin and if you don't watch it or stop and pray they can really get to you. Nothing major happened, just woke up and had some kind of pain in my knee. I've never had knee problems and it feels like I twisted something but I did get a walk in with my sister. It only really hurts when I get up and down. I was playing all these games with Maddie(my granddaughter)yesterday and probably pulled something when I was foolishly thinking I was a 20 year old. LOL And then after my walk I go to take a shower and there is something wrong with our shower head in the master bathroom. We have another bathroom but I like our shower. And let's not forget the three pounds the scale said I gained in one day. THREE POUNDS IN ONE DAY!! That's probably what I'm really ticked off about. It's not like I didn't know eating a bunch of dark chocolate Easter M&M's might cause some weight gain but geesh three pounds worth? But really have any of you ever tried the dark chocolate M&M's? They are sooooooooo good. So now I am trying to adjust my attitude and have a good day because it's going to be a beautiful day here today, sunny and in the 60's. And yes, I know all of these are minor compared to what some people are going through but don't these minor things ever get to you sometimes too? Okay, enough whining for the day, it's time to put on my big girl panties and change my attitude! Have a good one! Don't you just love this photo with this post?


Anonymous said...

I have definitely had days like that. We aren't 25 anymore are we, but doggone it, we still think we are sometimes. Everyday I find new aches and pains but oh well, what are we gonna do, we are going to grow old gracefully that's what. No Botox for me baby!! Put your big girl panties on (you really made me chuckle). Hope the rest of your day gets better.

LeAnn :)

Karen said...

I so hear you! I've had a few days/weeks like that of late - wonderful things interspersed with life's little thorns at the same time. I would have been so discouraged to see 3lb appear - I seem to fluctuate sometimes 2lb here or there and that's frustrating especially when I've worked out hard. Hope your knee is feeling a lot better. You encourage others with your beautiful blog!

CIELO said...

I know what you mean...we all have days like that! I love your "Mini Me"--how fun!

Have a wonderful rest of the week


CIELO said...

I know what you mean...we all have days like that! I love your "Mini Me"--how fun!

Have a wonderful rest of the week


Karolee said...

Way to go - to put a positive spin on your day!

I've had fun catching up on your blog. My little one and I played the M&M game and the Design her gals game. Thanks for sharing.

Post a picture of your knitting!

Kellan said...

Hi Joan - I hope the day got better for you! I hate when those little things can ruin a whole day - I do have those days too!

Have a good evening and I hope you knee gets to feeling better - Kellan


Hey Joan,
You know that expression 'When It Rains, It Pours'...oh so true.

Pop by my blog sweetpea, theres something there for you. I hope it makes your day better :)

Luv Shann

Maria said...

I hope you are feeling better by now. Sometimes we just have to treat ourselves to some M&Ms or chocolate. You'll get those 3 lbs. off again. I love the photo! It's good to catch up on your posts.

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I was with you until you mentioned the dark chocolate M&M's. Then I lost focus. Go figure. lol

Hope your day turned out to be wonderful!!!!