Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Today we are traveling to Lanai, "Hawaii's most enticing island." Are these photos not amazing? The second one is of the Four Seasons Resort on the island. There are just a handful of resorts to stay on this small island. Celebrities like Lanai because the isolation provides relief from tourists and crowds. Beyond the resorts, the land is wide open for exploring, from Shipwreck beach on the northeast shore, to the nesting turtles on Polihua Beach, to the Luahiwa Petroglyphs in the South Central Lanai.

Lanai was once an island-wide plantation for the Dole Company, which grew pineapples there from the 1920's until the early 1990's. It's not a big island and all of my brochures only show two resorts, the Four Seasons, The Lodge and The Four Seasons Manele Bay.

There's plenty to do on Lanai, golfing, fishing, horseback riding, sporting clays, archery, 4-by-4 excursions, catamaran sailing and more. Don't forget to go to the summit of Lanaihale, the highest point on the island for the famous 5 island view.

Bill Gates was married here and he rented out all of the Four Seasons Manele Bay for his guests.

Lanai is a relatively secluded island and is only 13 miles wide and 18 miles long. Lanai has just 29 miles of paved road and no stoplights and only one gas station. Talk about getting away from it all. LOL I'm not sure if I'll ever make it to this island but it sure does look like a wonderful place to visit. Next week we are off to our last stop on our Hawaiian Tour. We are going to the island of Molokai. Aloha!

Spell check just loved all of these Hawaiian names. LOL


LivingTheLife said...

The colors in these photos are exquisite....I love them all...but am particularly drawn to the terra-cotta colored road...and the Yellow umbrellas and of course the turquoise blue waters and sky...not to mention the beautiful greenery on the mountain side...ok, ok...I loved it all...call me crazy...but those are the colors that popped out for me...I look forward to visiting the Island soon!


justabeachkat said...

Oh.My.Word! What stunning photos! Wow! We've been to most of the islands, but not this one. It's gorgeous.

There's an award waiting for you at my place!

Hugs sweet friend!

Sandi McBride said...

Happy BIrthday JOANNIE!!! Sorry Im a bit late gettin in...been away all day, but I'm back now and I hope you got lots of great things for your birthday...okay, here comes the birthday whipping...oh, lets change that to birthday hugging, okay?
I hope you received most of what you wanted and everything you needed!
hugs infinite