Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! You gotta love a day devoted to all things Irish. I personally don't think I have any Irish in me but that's the beauty of St. Patrick's Day, the Irish don't care if you're Irish or not. They just love to have a good time and welcome everyone! I loved this little dog, which really has nothing to do with the holiday but it's cute!
On a totally unrelated subject, did anyone watch the beginning of the series that HBO has about John Adams last night? The series started last night and will continue for a few weeks. My sweetie and I watched most of it and are recording the whole series. Pretty good stuff and really good acting. We both love history and have read David McCullough's 1776 and his book on John Adams so we were both interested in how this series would turn out. It's sometimes hard to watch how brutal it was to live back then but it is good so far.
Anyway, I hope that today you have the luck of the Irish all day and everyday.


Donna said...

DadGumIt!! I meant to watch that!!! Thanks for the "heads up"!! Have a wonderful day!!hughugs

Maria said...

Good morning, Joan! I set the series to record on our DVR. I haven't watched it yet as I was doing my homework at the last moment! UGH! But I'm looking forward to watching it. I have the book, John Adams, but admit to never finishing it. Maybe once I watch the movie?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw remembered the series was on and watched it. Comcast has it "on demand" so dh can watch it when he wants (he had another baseball draft!
Happy St Patrick's Day to you! My paternal grandmother (God rest her lovely soul) was 100% Irish, and dh is at least 50%, so my kids are more Irish than me :-) Everyone is Irish today!

Tammy said...

Happy Saint Patricks Day to YOU!

Have a great day!

photowannabe said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day to you. I have no Irish in me but I guess on this day we are all a little bit Irish.

Mary Isabella said...

Wishing you a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!!!

Mimi said...

hoping you had a Happy St. Patrick's Day....
I missed the first night of the movie...thanks for the reminder

celestina marie said...

Hi Joan, missed that on HBO. I am Irish and wish you a very Happy St. Patrick's Day. I love your sweet doggie graphic! So cute.
La Rea Rose

Kellan said...

Hi Joan - I hope you a good St. Patrick's Day - thanks for coming by! I'll see you later - Kellan

wendster said...

I think I might have heard something about SAMuel Adams.


Happy St. Patty's Day!

Lille meg said...

I just came in here to say happy easter!
In Norway we don't celebrate St. Patrics Day. We have heard the name, but we don't celebrate it.

Perhaps we have other days to celebrate.We celebrate the 17. May; it is our National Day, the day Norway got back their freedom after 5 years with occupation.
It was after the second world war.
Over the whole country we celebrate that day with flags, speeches and music. It is a great day in our country. I wish you could be here and seen it!....:)
Happy easter to you!

Karolee said...

First - and most important - I am Irish and LOVE the St. Patrick's greeting! Thanks!

Second... We don't get HBO (so sad). We saw a preview for it and were quite sad that we can't watch it. Hopefully one day it will be out on video and we can catch it then.

Sandi McBride said...

Hope your day was great...we're taping the Adams special...I want to enjoy it on a day when it's too hot to garden, reason or fight, lol

Bev said...

Even the post office had up an advertisement but alas we don't get HBO. I've noticed that many of the HBO specials come out, offered on Netflix a bit later, so I'm banking on that - it looked wonderful!