Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Memories

Before and during all of the excitement of Michael Cameron's(MC) birth,we did manage to celebrate Easter. It was a little chilly in Ohio this past weekend but it's been warming up nicely this week. Here's a taste of the holiday.

After church on Saturday, Maddie came back to our house with her Mommy and Daddy to color eggs. I'm not sure what she thought about this but she had fun. Actually, Papa and Daddy were more into this then Maddie. LOL
And here's a little taste of the brunch we went to. I'm not sure if you can see the detail in the ice sculpture and the watermelon boat. Click on this photo to see it a little bigger. There were 25 of us at lunch so it was hard to get a photo of that many people. Of course Allison and Jimmy didn't make it because they had gone to the hospital at 4am that morning after being up all night and the hospital sent them home at 7am, telling them it wasn't time yet. Then they were back at the hospital at 11am on Sunday.

I love this last collage of Maddie and her Easter egg hunt. She had a ball. Actually she thought the eggs were balls because she would pick them up and say ball and throw them on the concrete. She could not figure out why they wouldn't bounce. And then she would hold them so tight in her hands that they would break. She thought all of this was very funny. LOL Papa loves hard boiled eggs so he was trying to save them.

Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I am off this morning to the hospital with my daughter Melissa and Maddie. Melissa is getting some tests done. She has problems with her gallbladder when she is pregnant. It is very painful and she did have the same problem with Maddie but it went away when she delivered and now it's back with a vengeance with this pregnancy. Not sure what they can do about it when she is more than 7 months pregnant but hopefully they can give her some relief. If you can say a little prayer for her, it's harder this time taking care of a toddler and being in pain and not getting enough rest. Have a wonderful Thursday!


Steph said...

So sad I missed Easter this year. :( It looks like lots of fun. Tell Melissa good luck at the hospital -- maybe they'll get her a new skeleton while she's there.. ha ha.

Donna said...

Cute pictures!! My daughter, Crystal, had the Same problem with her gallbladder...When William was born, they took the gallbladder as well. No more problems. Hope Melissa gets some relief..I sat with Crys Many's Painful in the worst way..I gave Many backrubs..hughugs

Anonymous said...

When I have my quiet time today I will remember to pray for Melissa. That Maddie is such a cutie petootie!! You just wanna squeeze her, which I'm sure you do.

Have a blessed day Joan.

LeAnn :)

Christine of Epiphany said...

Cute pictures!

I had my gall bladder out~ I can feel for Melissa~ it's very painful to have gall bladder trouble! Can't imagine what it's like when you're pregnant!

Tammy said...

My daughter didn't boil any eggs as she had an Easter hunt with the plastic variety. I'm with Papa as I love hard boiled eggs made into either deviled eggs or egg salad...yum!

Have a great day ♥

Karolee said...

Sounds like a wonderful Easter weekend.

A quarter cup of olive oil mixed with a quarter cup of Coke (it has to be Coke - not Pepsi) and drank quickly will help relieve the pain of a gallbladder. It really works.

Karolee said...
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Sandi McBride said...

Oh that poor baby! Our Anna had the same problem with that when she was pregnant with Arianna...I think the poor little thing spent the last six weeks living on pears and fat free cottage cheese...the fat is what throws you into attacks...but it's a long gone thing now!!! Your pictures are just should get that sheet printed out and make a collage of it to put on a glass covered table...just lift the glass and keep adding to it...they are amazing memory pages for all to see...Mama and my Aunt Margaret did a table like that at my Grandmother's was a big part of our lives, and in fact still is.
hugs to all of you


hiya Joan,

oh i hope the Drs can give Melissa some help for that pain. She must be so tired, i hope it all turns out ok :)

Love the photo collages. Maddie is cute as a button, i am picturing smashed boiled eggs everywhere now LOL. Who got to clean that mess up??ha ha. As long as she had fun!

The ice sculpture looked amazing, what a shame they melt hey. Also love the pic of you and your sweetie.

Hows that new lil' bundle of joy ? I think we are ready for another photo or two *wink*

have a sweet weekend my friend,


LivingTheLife said...

Loved your recap of Easter and all the beautiful pictures...I did LOVE the ice sculpture...some folks are so talented!! Maddie is a little punkin!! have 2 grandbabies NOW...almost three...I bet you are on cloud nine!!!

I will include Melissa and your family in my prayers...praying for wisdom for the docs handling her siutuation...and praying that her pain subsides...very soon!