Monday, December 29, 2008

More of Christmas - 2008

i am going to get you for this momI have named these photos "how to tick off your cat in two easy steps." First put some silly Christmas pet thingy around her neck and then take a bunch of photos of her. These are two different photos but they look the same because she has this I am really bored and getting ticked off about this look. Don't worry Cleo, this pet Christmas thingy is going in storage today. LOL

i just threw up on the white couch on purpose

i love you sweet sydney

And it was pretty outside this weekend! Sydney(aka SAS) came over to Grandma's on Saturday while Mommy and Maddie went to meet some friends. I never get Sydney time all by myself so it was fun lovin' on her exclusively. It was so pretty outside that we took a walk. We both have bad head colds so I thought the fresh air might be good for us both.

Sydney loved being outside. All of the neighbors were out also because we just don't see 70 degree weather the end of December. Isn't Sydney just the sweetest little thing??

You really didn't think I was going to let Christmas go by with only one photo did you? LOL So here's a few more. I was having some fun on Snapfish with their borders.

Maddie had so much fun opening up gifts. These are really Sydney's toys but since Sydney didn't care one way or the other, Maddie was so happy to open them for her.

i need to get back to weight watchers
This is me, Cameron and my sweetie Christmas Eve morning when we all went out for breakfast. I really enjoyed this time,probably because I didn't have to do any work. LOL I hope we do this again next year. hint hint........

i don't think i've seen this in my living room before
You mean you don't have someone doing this in your home on Christmas Day? LOL This is Troy(our daughter Christina's boyfriend) and my sweetie. Troy is a physical therapist and he brought his equipment to evaluate my sweetie's shoulder. Sweetie has been having alot of pain in both shoulders and has some kind of problem and will have to go and see a doctor soon. I'll probably have to drag him there. LOL

i love butter
Miss Maddie enjoying every bit of her toast when we went out to eat breakfast Christmas Eve. I think she liked licking the butter off of it the best.

next time get batteries grams
Here's Maddie and her new Fisher Price digital camera(and it's pink). I was so excited about giving her this gift that I forgot to pick up the AAA batteries that the camera needed to work. LOL We took a few from other things in the house so she had a ball taking photos. Everytime she took a picture she would look at the screen and say "wow."

My sweetie and our grandson Cameron and our son Jim at breakfast Christmas Eve. Did I already say how much I enjoyed breakfast?? :-)

my wonderful dad and his family
And my Dad with all of his grandchildren and most of his great grandchildren. It is really hard to get a decent photo of this many people at one time.

i love to read and hope my grandbabies will also
And this last photo is of our son Jim and grandson Cameron with a book that Grandma and Papa gave him. We are getting each grandbaby a hardcover book every Christmas and write in the cover the year, a message etc..... I hope to pass down my love of reading to our grandchildren. Can you believe it's almost 2009??? I look at that number and just can't believe it. Well, I have a ton of errands to run today so I better get movin'. Have a good one! Oh and some of my photos have captions today.


Donna said...

Awww....I Love all the sweet photos!! Hahaaa...poor Cleo! She's a Pretty kitty though!
Hope Hubby's shoulders are feeling better today!!
Happy day to you sweetheart!hughugs

Brenda said...

I LOVE the photos! You have such sweet, sweet babies!

Reading to a child is so important. I hope each of them will fall in love with books.

Sally said...

Great pictures - I love them all. You have a wonderful family, but then you know that already. :)

Yes, I do believe you enjoyed going to breakfast on Christmas Eve. hahaha

Have a great day!

Lille meg said...

How cute pictures! Your kitty is vey sweet, and so are your grandchildren too! Lucky grandbabies who has a grandma like you!
Nice post!

Just Joni said...

Beautiful family pictures...looks like Christmas was a fun I'm off to figure out how to get a massage table in my livingroom...*wink...hope hubby's shoulders are better soon, that can certainly put a crimp in one's joyful spirit ~

Happy New Year Joan!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Awwwww look at those chubby lil cheeks of sas's!!!!!!!!
It looks like christmas was a huge success for you all and you all look very unified and happy!

Sara G said...

Thanks for the comment. I love my new photo phone! The only thing I wish it had was something that blinked when you had a voicemail waiting. It is neat to see a picture come up when a phone call comes in!
I do wish it would stay warm all the time too, but I guess we live in the wrong part of the USA to have that be true!!
Your grandbabies are just adorable. I love seeing the pictures!!
Take care and we hope you and your family have a wonderful and SAFE New Year

Donna said...

Haha, revenge of the kitty kat! I saw those captions!!!! She really looks P.O.'d!

Love all the holiday pictures. And three cheers for eating of for breakfast! Yeah, go for a new tradition!

How funny that Maddie says "wow" when she looks at her photos! We do that too, don't we?!

Wibeche og Rune said...

Thank you! Yes, I will be having my jewelry blog to. But it will only be jewelry items there. This blog contains of more personal thins from our life. If you like some of my jewelry, I will send you one for free. Just let me know. I do think I still have all the jewelry that you see on my blog. Have a nice day!

Katie said...

I can't believe how big Cameron is getting. He's too cute!

photowannabe said...

This looks like your best Christmas ever. Grandkids and babies do that to me as well.
I love breakfast out anytime.
Just want to wish you a Happy New Year. May it be healthy, prosperous and full of joy.

Wibeche og Rune said...

I have something for you on my blog:))

And I wish you and your family a happy new year:)

Jeanne said...

Beautiful family pictures and what a wonderful note to end the year on. A very Happy New Year Joan!

Donna said...

Happy New Year Sweetheart!! Stay safe and warm!!hughugs