Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Ours was filled with family, babies and good food. I am still going through all of my photos and will post more later. I took about a million, mostly of the babies(big surprise, LOL). We took this family photo last night, this is all three of our kids and our son-in-law and all three grandbabies. Little Sas was all worn out from too much Christmas. Having little ones around makes Christmas so much fun. I usually take the tree down today(it's real and has been up since Thanksgiving,which means it's dead) but I don't feel like doing that today. So I am just going to rest and get a few things done around the house. I got my sweetie one of those digital photo frames for his desk at work so I am going to try and load it up with photos for him today. Have a good one and guess what, Cincinnati might hit a record high temperature tomorrow. We are suppose to make it to the 70's. Woohoo!! Wish that weather would stay all winter. Well, a girl can wish, can't she??? LOL


Brit. (lille meg) said...

Lovely family photo!
Good to hear you have ha a happy christmas. And so have I. I was on my own, but was not lonely.
The King of kings has been here, and then I am not alone.He lives in my heart and in my home.
I still wish you a happy christmas..

Justabeachkat said...

Very cute photo!

Merry Christmas sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

Wish we could have stayed longer yesterday!! Had fun though. Loved having all the babies around on Chrismas Eve! I will email some pics sometime. We are off to run some errands. Bill & I might, hopefully, will get some walking in today too!!

Brenda said...

You have such a beautiful family Miz Joan!

It's warm here today too, makes me dread the next cold day even worse.
Have a great day!

photowannabe said...

Love your family photo. I loved being with our family too. doesn't it make Christmas just the best?
I think there needs to be a bit of rest before jumping back into life again...hence I am parked in front of my computer far too long. (:0)

Jeanette said...

Wonderful family photo! Michigan is supposed to be in the low 60"s tomorrow. That's great as long as it doesn't get freezing again real fast and freeze all the water from the melted snow! If the sun is shining I will be happy!

Karen M said...

Nice picture! Kids of any age make the holidays more fun.

so glad you've had a wonderful Christmas.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It is kids that make Chistmas really special.
They are usually over it all and too excited but hey it is fun!

Rune said...

Very lovely family photo:)

Jeanne said...

What a sweet family picture. Glad you had a wonderful holiday. I hear you on the weather, we have 48deg. here right now. So strange.