Friday, December 5, 2008

Decorating for Christmas!

i heart paris Here's a few of my favorite decorations for Christmas this year. This top photo is of some ornaments that I picked up from Target the other day. I knew I had to have them because of my love for travel. There's the Golden Gate Bridge, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower and of course the globe. Maybe one day I'll have enough travel ornaments so I can have a travel tree. They are not really all that close together on my tree but I put them this way to fit in the photo.

sweet snowmen These next two photos are of some ornaments that I got from Celeste from La Rea Rose this year. I draped them on top of a mirror that's in my dining room. Are these not the cutest things? She hand paints them and I love the detail on them both. Look at how Santa has his eyes open on one mitten and closed on another. They are so pretty and look great in my dining room.
the big guy And last but not least is my little kitty Cleo hanging out under the Christmas tree. She waits for me to water it so she can go get a drink. I don't get it, she has two bowls of fresh water and she goes for the dirty tree water. You gotta love cats even when you don't get them. :-)

The new theme for Brenda's Photo Challenge is HOLIDAY DECORATIONS and I know everyone loves to take photos of holiday decorations so if you have never played, this is a fun and easy one to do. The next challenge is on December 13th and it's always alot of fun to see everyone's photos! Just go here and tell Donna you are playing!

Happy Christmas decorating and Happy Friday!

cleo quit drinking that water


Sara G said...

Wonderful photo's!!
I put our tree up last night but haven't decorated it yet. I have two small trees out in the barn that the hubby needs to bring to the house so I can decorate them all at once!! I just love decorating for Christmas. I will post my photo's as soon as I am done.
Your photos are just wonderful!!
Take care and have a great weekend.

Brenda said...

Durn, my first comment got an error message. I didn't swear, I swear!

Love Cleo's laid back attitude, Love the decorations, and I LOVE your floors!!!!

justabeachkat said...

Awwww...sweet Cleo has the right idea...just chill out and enjoy the decorations.


Lille meg said...

Beautiful and original decorations!
Very nice,I liked it.
Beautiful photos!
Have a wonderful weekend!:)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

These are so beautiful!!! You have exquisite taste. Have a great weekend...m..

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

awwww Those mitterns are gorgeous.
I love people who cvan paint that style...Lovely

Sally said...

You're either going to get three comments from me or none. Blogger is driving me out of my already crazy head. Your decorations are beautiful!!

Just Joni said...

Those are such cute ornaments! I had to laugh about Cleo...cats are funny creatures, but I think they know that and like the attention. Every time I see "travel" ornaments now I will think of you!

Joan said...

Lovely decorations.Never seen Big Ben as a decoration.

LZ Blogger said...

Joan ~ I love the travel tree idea! Cute ornaments! We did our tree last week too. ~ jb///