Friday, June 27, 2008


I had a fun day shopping with my friend Vickie yesterday. We hit the Mall, had lunch, went to the bead store and then went home to rest. LOL I didn't do too much damage, just got a few things, some new beads and fingernail polish. It's so much fun to have girlfriends and just shop and talk. Mostly we just had fun shopping. Did you know Victoria's Secret has a perfume that when you pick it up, it purrs, no really the bottle purrs. I didn't get any though because I was busy looking at all of their PINK line. No big surprise there. LOL Vickie took me to a store which sells clothes she uses for her belly dancing classes. Yea, she's a hoot, she loves to take belly dancing classes and I would try it with her if I wasn't afraid of hurting my back. But I actually liked the clothes there, well some of them. LOL Now I have to try to remember how to make some jewelry again, it's been awhile. Here's a few of my goodies..........

I bought this pretty white blouse and tee at Ann Taylor Loft. You can't really see the detail in the tee but it has white beading around the neck and I love the color and it was all on sale--yea!!
This was my deal of the day. This is a Ralph Lauren jacket, in a mint green color. This was selling for $99.00 this Spring but I found this last one on the clearance rack for $22.00. Woohoo ,that's a good deal, I thought it was a mistake because the other jackets were $59.00 on clearance but the gal told me if it said that price it was mine. I was a little worried because I would normally take a medium in a jacket and this was a small but it fit fine. I took it as a sign it was meant to be. LOL

And has anyone tried these candles yet? Oh my goodness, these things are wonderful. I had to drag Vickie in the Hallmark store because they sell these candles next to the Yankee ones. They have a wood wick which when you burn the candle it crackles like a fire in the fireplace and I love the different ones they have, I've been looking for the Sunset beach one, which smells like coconut and pineapple. The only thing is they are a little pricey but I like the look of them and the smell and the crackle sound. I've seen them at Hallmark and Dillard's. That's about it for me this Friday, but before I sign off I need to ask, what do you think are the odds? We are taking all three grandbabies to get their photo taken today. So I'm asking what are the odds of getting a good photo of an almost 2 year old, a three month old and a one month old at the same time??? Is this mission impossible?? LOL Cameron is at such a good age, he smiles at anyone who smiles at him. Sydney just started to smile this week so I'm just hoping for eyes open. And Maddie is the wildcard because she could go either way. Call us crazy but we are going to try. I'll let you know if we survive. LOL Have a good weekend and stay cool in this heat!!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Maddie the wild card. That's funny. I remember when my best friend and I took my Maddy and her granddaughter, who was 2 months older than Maddy, to have their pictures made together. Maddy was soooooo good as we were waiting (for over an hour!) while Ale' was fussy and grumpy. We figured she'd be a total nightmare by the time it was our turn for the pictures. But lo and behold, when they called our name, Ale' was fine. Laughing, smiling - just as sweet as she could be. Maddy, on the other hand, had reached her limit of good cheer. lol She always would smile so sweetly and say "cheese" when she had her picture taken. That day, though, whenever I'd say "say cheese, Moose" she'd look at me and cry "No cheese, no cheese, Ninny" (she couldn't say Granny yet. ha).
I laugh whenever I see those pictures now. And everytime someone fusses about having their picture taken, the rest of us start hollering "no cheese, no cheese". lol Good luck with your trio. Just remember, if they aren't all in sync, you're still going to be making a great memory.

By the way, when we were at the Mall of America, I thought of you every single time I saw Victoria Secrets PINK stuff. Heck, I think of you everytime I see anything pink! It's definitely YOUR color. :)

Love your shopping bounty, too! Great stuff.


justabeachkat said... did good with your finds. I love the clothes you found. I love those candles too.

Odds for a perfect photo of all three....hmmmm....probably about a 3 out of 10. 10 being perfect, of course. LOL I'm sending up a prayer that you get a good one though.


Donna said...

Great Great Deal on that Ralph Lauren jacket!!! Pretty!! So happy that you had fun sweetie!!hughugs

Joan said...

Love the blouse . Those candles sound great. Must look out for them this side of the pond. Good luck with the photo

Nunnie's Attic said...

Joan, Joan, Joan!
I have missed you, darling. Your shopping excursion proved successful. Hope the pictures came out as you want them!


Totallyscrappy said...

Great bargains! A friend showed me those woodwick candles and they are lovely.

Sandi McBride said...

Oh man, that jacket is beautiful but I love the tee and should try it on and model it for us! And the lovely little jacket, too..


Ok sweetie you have me sooo intrigued with perfume that purrs!!! ARE YOU FOR REAL???? oh mygawd i MUST have some !!! AND the candles!!! Serious...they have a wooden wick and it crackles??? OH MY LORDY ME i am in heaven right now!!! Tell me more!

Im glad you had such a great day out and got some cute bargains too!

Hey i joined the orange challenge! Me?? Orange? YEAH ! LOL
Have a gorgeous weekend sweetness and good luck with the photo!

Rue said...

We saw the purr-fume the other day. Crazy! LOL You found some great deals, especially the RL Jacket... wow!

I love those candles. Rich bought me one about a year ago because I missed the crackle of a real fire. We have a gas insert. They need to come up with one that smells like burning wood LOL


Bev said...

My daughter has one of those candles - I dont at all understand why the wick doesnt burn up, but they're really nice. And the jacket - way to go! It's cute, cute.