Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wild Weather and Cicada's

We had some nasty weather here in Southwest Ohio last night. Sirens were going off all over the place and we had some pretty severe thunderstorms. Have you ever seen the lightning that is inside of clouds? It's actually pretty cool to watch but I didn't get any photos of it. The sun is shining now and hopefully the bad weather is gone. Anyway, I was wondering who else gets visits from these cute little guys called Cicada's. They are a form of locust and the 17 year ones were all over the place in 2004. And when I say all over, they are everywhere. On outdoor furniture etc... Well, there are some more around this year, not as bad as the 17 year ones but enough to bug everyone. The funny thing is I haven't seen any in my part of the city but I am hearing they are just a little north of us. Aren't they just the most ugly and scary looking things? They don't hurt you, they just fly around and look ugly. And I just had to post this photo of the bug sandwich, hope it doesn't make you lose your appetite. LOL Do you know there's a website just dedicated to Cicada's?

And this couple in Cincy has a found a way to stop their dog Freckles from eating the cicada's. She was eating them and then getting sick in their house. Cicada's won't hurt dogs if they eat them but dogs seem to want to eat alot of them and that upsets their stomachs. They put this mesh laundry bag on Freckles when she goes out. Poor Freckles, no more cicada treats for her. Have a good one!!


Kellan said...

Oh, Good Lord, that sandwich - YUCK!!!! I hate those bugs!

Have a good afternoon, Joan - see you - Kellan

Fran said...

That sandwich looks DISGUSTING!!!!


photowannabe said...

Eweeeu....not my kind of sandwich, thank you.
We don't have these critters here in California. I must say thank goodness.
Poor doggie....not so much fun running around wiith the bag on the head. Good idea though.

Sandy said...

Those things scare me! Actually anything that flies at or near me (bug related) scares me! Glad to hear the weather wasn't too bad for you all.
have a great day.
Sandy :)

Anonymous said...

Bill, Allison and I were at Kings Island on Saturday and in just one section of the park those bugs were out. They were loud and kept landing on me. Bill & Allison went on a ride and I decide to sit and wait. Well, I had all the cell phones because it was a water ride and the cicadas kept landing on me. Yuk... If I had realized they were that bad, I would have gone to Starbucks and had them meet me. However, we went to other parts of the park and no cicadas at all. I am glad they are not on the west side. I hated when they were here 4 years ago. They are so noisy!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Eeeeewwwww! The Bug Sandwich...maybe I just put that picture on my fridge?? lol

That poor dog - he looks funny but I'm sure this method is very effective. Pretty clever of the owners.

Hope your bad weather has passed and all is well!


Rue said...

Ewwww... Joan! Are you trying to gross me out?? I had never heard of those things until I moved to Virginia and I thought we were rid of them when we came to Ohio, but no. They're here too. yuck. I'm going to go throw up now...


wendster said...

Ew. Joan. Knock that off. LOL.

We don't have those. But we do have grasshoppers. I might see one per summer usually, but this year I have already seen three or five.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I just commented on your past posts. Just got caught up!

justabeachkat said...

Gross...hope I don't have nightmares about finding one of those in my next sandwich. Yuk!

Actually, we had those one year when we lived in Nashville. They were everywhere. And they're loud too. Shivers!

So glad they're not here. We just get love bugs occasionally.


judy said...

Hi Joan, Shelly told me about the cicada sandwich you had posted on your blog so I just had to tell you that it looks absolutely gross. I don't think I would eat one of those no matter how hungry I was. Shelly reads your blog regularly and she was telling me about it last night. Well, back to work then Sanibel.


Donna said...

OhYuck!!! Sandwich! Yuck!!!LOLOL...Dog picture?? Fab-u-lous!!!LOL....Hey! If it Works, do it!! Happy day sweetie! And we have them here to.....hughugs

Sandi McBride said...

We had our Cicada swarm a year or so ago...I don't mind them, they do no harm, they live underground a couple of decades and then come up to party till they die...that's okay, they don't eat the veggies, bother me or try to come inside. And the cats love to chase them!

Christine of Epiphany said...

Saw Freckles in the newspaper~ hilarious!

They're in Blue Ash, that's for sure~ I was just out there, they're all over!

dabrah said...

Maybe I should have a print of that sandwich in a prominent place in my kitchen. On the fridge door, for instance. How much weight do you think I'd lose?

Jeanne said...

I wouldn't want your weather Joan! Never saw a cicada that close before and ewwwww at the sandwich. Poor pup to have to wear that but better than the alternative I guess.

Bev said...

That sandwich is a new level of gross. But the dog photo - pretty funny!

Katie said...

Matt hates dodging the cicadas on his about a big SPLAT!! I love the mesh bag!