Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Happy Birthday to my sweetie (also known as Mike)! He's going to the Red's game with our son and son-in law today so I know he'll have a great day! If my scanner didn't decide to break down I could have posted some nice photos of my sweetie as a little boy but I guess you got a break sweetie. Hey, did you sabotage my scanner so I couldn't post any little boy photos of you?? LOL Happy Birthday sweetie, I love you!

Brenda's Photo Challenge is below this post!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mike!!! Have a wonderful day!!!


Steph said...

Happy birthday, Uncle Mike! I went to the Reds game today, too!

Karen said...

Hi! I stopped by for a visit to see your new blog wallpaper. It looks great !!! I am glad it worked :)

Karen at Ciderantiques

Cynthia S. said...

Hi Joan!
Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my cottage ;) I love your pics too! and the main pic is so pretty! Nice to meet you :) stop by anytime ! Im new to this and enjoying it...Thanks so much! ~ hugs ~ Cynthia