Saturday, June 21, 2008

All worn out!!

I spent the day getting ready for the baby shower I am hosting tomorrow. My house is clean, my grass is cut and all the things I had to do are all done and I am beat. LOL
We made pretty pink cupcakes and put them in the cupcake trees. I have them covered tonight with saran wrap.
Here are the baby bottles full of candies that I made for party favors. They have pink ribbons tied around them. I had to give up my search for all pink candies for the little girl my nephew is having and just go with multi colored ones. I did try to get all pink ones but it just wasn't happening. I worked most of the day and then my sweetie took me to a movie. We went to see The Happening, let's just say it was different. It wasn't boring or anything but it was different. I do like M Night Shyamalan but some of his movies are a bit out there. I'm not a fan of really scary movies but I do like movies that have suspense. Anyway it was fun to get out for awhile.
My granddaughter Maddie and my daughter Christina had fun with Maddie's new bubble machine. This little machine is really cool. Why is it that kids love bubbles so much? Well, I'm off to go to sleep early tonight. I do love a clean house! LOL


justabeachkat said...

Well it looks like you're all ready. Everything looks good. I'm sure the shower will be lots of fun.

Cute photos of Maddie.


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the shower today! Love the bubble machine. Love Maddie's pigtails too!! Will try to get to an internet cafe in Vegas to let you all know how much we are winning - ha, ha! See you later.


Donna said...

New babies and showers...How fun!! Hope you Have lots of happiness today sweetie!!hughugs

Rue said...

You did a beautiful job with the decorations :)

Annie is a tween and STILL loves those bubbles!

Have a great day and I hope you got some rest.

Anonymous said...

I love Maddie's ponytails. When my daughter was young she wore ponytails a lot as did I. It made my daddy smile.


Sally said...

Aw, your party decorations and the cupcakes - soooo pretty!!

Kids really do like bubbles, and your little Maddie is so adorable!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Maddie has the best expressions. lol And her hair looks so thick in those pigtails! Is it really that thick in person??

Those cupcakes look great. Glad I wasn't invited. ha,ha,ha