Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lots of words Wednesday!!

Cielo at House in the Roses is hosting a garden party this Saturday, the first day of summer. My garden is pitiful at best but I do have a few potted plants with some shade impatients that I can share. I wish I had some roses to share photos of like alot of you guys do. I love seeing your photos of your roses. You have to go and visit Cielo because a visit to her blog is like going to your favorite Bed and Breakfast. Go here to read all about the garden party.
Okay, now on to Brenda's Photo Challenge. Joni from Just Joni is the hostess this time and she has picked the theme of orange. Go over to Joni's and play along with us. She has a link on her sidebar of everyone who is playing along. I am working on adding a link on my sidebar also so you can just click and see everyone's great photos. The next challenge is on June 28th so you have plenty of time to play along. Most of these gals are new blogging friends to me except my good buddy Donna but everyone of them have been so sweet and encouraging and I love making new blogging friends. I also like to see how creative everyone is in choosing their photos. So check out both of these fun things going on in blogville.
Okay, on to grandbabies. LOL Do I post too much about my grandbabies?? Oh well, I just can't help myself. I thought this photo was so cute. My little old kitty Cleo decided to take a nap with Sydney on our bed. Cleo has decided that this little one is okay. She can't pull on Cleo's tail like Maddie does. Maddie loves Cleo and thinks it is so funny to pull her tail as she walks past her. Cleo is not amused. LOL So to make up for it, every afternoon it is Maddie's job to give Cleo her treats. Maddie takes great pride in this job and throws all the treats on the floor for Cleo and then claps for herself because of doing a great job. LOL Poor Cleo, once the queen of the house and now banished to a servant.

And I love this photo. Maddie and Papa went swimming in the pool the other day and look at her face. It's just plain joy. I am having a baby shower at our house this weekend for my nephew and his girlfriend so I am OCDing over the house and preparation. I'm in charge of the desserts and party favors and decorations and his Mom is taking care of the food and beverages. I had this idea of filling up small baby bottles with pink candy(it's a girl) but am having trouble finding what I want. Do I stress myself out or what? Anyway that's what's going on around here, busy, busy time of year but summer is my favorite time. Have a great Wednesday!


justabeachkat said...

Cute photos! Sounds like you have your hands full. I'm known for OCDing too whenever I'm planning anything. Good luck.


Kellan said...

I LOVE seeing and hearing about your grandbabies. They are so precious - look at that beautiful new baby and that head of hair - precious. And Maddie's fact - adorable!!

Thanks for your sweet comment tonight - you are and have always been a good friend - I am so lucky to have found you!! SEe you soon - Kellan

Mary Isabella said...

I adore the picture of your Granbabies....Smiles to you!!!

Lille meg said...

Thank you for sharing! I love the photos of your grandbabies, and is not too much of them!
Have a nice day!

Donna said...

Don't you DARE Stop posting pictures of those sweet babies!!!LOL...The heat is ruining all the roses here! No rain yet either...hughugs

Sally said...

You can never EVER post too many pictures, or talk too much about grandbabies!! Adorable pictures!

We had storms here yesterday, but since I'm not at home I don't know how my roses are faring. Take care, yes, you really ARE busy!! :)

CIELO said...

Oh Joan, Cleo and Sydney are too cute.... and of course, Maddie is darling! :) You can never post too much about them; they're just so cute!

Thanks you for posting about our party; I can hardly wait to show all the pretty gardens, and by the way, love love that pic on your banner... Is that your garden? I think if you show that one on the day of our party you will have many many visitors here! It's just so lovely!

Well, looking forward to see you pic soon!




Hiya Joan!
Ok first off, you can never ever show us too many pics of your gorgeous ones! They are all so sweet. I love that pic of Cleo and Sydney, how cute is that!
The look on Maddies face in the pool is priceless. You definately need to frame that one.

Id join the Cielos garden party but right now our garden is just non existant amnd its so cold and rainy here. BLAH.
Love your new banner too, its gorgeous.

oh and a little parcel arrived for me yesterday too..hmmm, some sweet lady sent me cards with myself and my fav boy on them...who could have been that sweet?? THANKYOU JOAN i loved them and Sam did too (he has pinched one and its now sticky taped to his bedroom door...thats where he puts all his special stuff..LOL).

Have a gorgeous weekend, i hope the baby shower is a hit! will be waiting to see some pics!

Love Shann