Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Travel Tuesday - Savannah, Georgia

One of the many parks or squares as they are called in Savannah. This one is Johnson Square
My sweetie and Maddie walking on the cobblestone streets of the riverfront
The tomb of Nathaniel Greene , one of the great Revolutionary War Generals

Today we are traveling south of Charleston to Savannah, Georgia and when you say Savannah you must say it long and drawn out. I mean you are in the south. I love Savannah. I tend to think of Charleston and Savannah in the same category and even though they are similar, they both have very different personalities. When you think of Savannah, you think of live oak trees with hanging moss, beautiful antebellum mansions and mint juleps. Like I said about Charleston, the best way to see this city and all of it's history is to go on a trolley ride. They will take you all around the city and point out all of it's history. There have also been alot of movies filmed in this town. The biggest one of course is Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I have not read the book or seen the movie but it is very big here. Forrest Gump was also filmed here and Julia Roberts also made a movie called Something to Talk About here.We went with the intention of going to Paula Deen's restaurant called The Lady and Son's and we could not get into the restaurant till 230pm and that was just too late with having the baby with us. BOOHOO! But, and I can't believe I didn't get pictures of this and no one believes us, we did see Paula's sons, Bobby and Jamie, they were doing a book signing but no one was taking pictures of them so I felt maybe I shouldn't either. I did buy some of her seasonings though and we had a wonderful time. We did eat on the riverfront and walked through the squares and stores. There are some really nice hotels to stay at around the riverfront area but again I would try the smaller inns, they are really great in the south. And if you get tired of all the history you can go to the beach at Tybee Island. I feel like I've written alot here but not given you a tenth of what Savannah is all about. So do yourself a favor and visit this historic city, it's that special. Next week we are going to the place where my family goes on vacation. We are going to Hilton Head Island.

Safe Travels,



Nunnie's Attic said...

We just vacationed at Tybee Island this past summer. And then we went to The Lady and Sons!! But I did not get to see any of them. Totally jealous! The food was awesome and I loved the city. Fell in love with the Savannah Candy company and took some treats home. Tybee Island reminded of a 60s resort. No high rises. Loved it all!


Karolee said...

Can a northerner like me understand what the trolley guy is saying as he gives the tour? My hubby went down to the south once on a business trip and had a hard time understanding - and they all spoke the same English language!