Saturday, September 15, 2007

A little of this and that

I am rested and have been catching up with everyone's blogs. I once read that Martha Stewart only needs four hours a night of sleep. I honestly don't know how she does that. I would walk around like a zombie on four hours a night.

Anyway, one day away from blogville and there is so much going on, Kat has posted wonderful pictures of how she relaxes with her morning coffee. Kari is talking about moving to Ohio. I'm not sure if she's kidding, but Ohio is a nice place to live. And Sandy showed a lot of grace when faced with a rude person.

Also, here's a tip about air planes. Don't get on a plane after drinking a Venti size coffee from Starbucks. I did that yesterday because I needed some caffeine getting up that early and then I got on a 50 seat plane with one restroom and a sick guy that was sitting behind me. I'm not sure if he was air sick or virus sick but I waited for him to get out of the one restroom on the plane for 20 minutes and I'm not kidding. I honestly was praying to the Lord for that guy to get out of that restroom. And the Lord answered my prayer--thank you!

Also, last but not least if you can, could you please pray for Kelli. Kelli's blog is one of the first I started to read and she comes and visits me every once in a while and always leaves me a kind or encouraging word. Go and read her story here and keep her in your prayers.

Safe Travels,



Kari said...

I guess you didn't get the memo all those years ago, but...pssst...Martha Stewart is a robot. THAT'S her secret! lol

We won't know for at least 3 to 4 weeks on that job in Toledo. And even THEN, we may not know whether he's going to take it, assuming it's offered. There's a lot to consider. But, I have to tell you, if everything were to fall into place and end up looking like the right move for us, we'd probably see that as a sign from God and go with it. But there's much to get thru before we get to that point. Like I said, the hiring official may already have someone in mind for the job but they have to post it to appear "fair". We'll just wait and see. (Should I say keep your fingers crossed???) lol

justabeachkat said...

Oh My! One bathroom for 50 people! Kinda scary, especially after a large coffee!

I've been praying for Kelli too.


Karolee said...

Thanks for sending me over to Kelli's. I've added her to my prayer list.